Wynncraft Enhanced Modpack

216,026 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 8, 2017 Game Version: 1.12

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Filename WynncraftEnhanced-MC1.12-v1.22.zip
Uploaded by ThaUnknown_
Uploaded Oct 8, 2017
Game Version 1.12
Size 14.82 MB
Downloads 97,089
MD5 1c51846fc7fba02512d0e6f7a2fc70d6
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- Updated to 1.12

- Tagging with @Nickname

- Item rating when holding a key [see settings]

- Item rating makes items over 90% IDR glow rainbow

- MUUUCH better performance

- No Resourcepack loading needed to play Wynn [yes it does update dynamically]

- Fixed a rare bug caused by Wynn where it would give you the wrong resource pack and every model would be broken

- Emerald count display in inventory and bank

- If ur powder special is ready ur screen glows in the powder's colour

- When holding lock key over a locked item it display the unlocked padlock

- A SHITTON of item guide settings changes that I'm too lazy to list, also with numerous fixes

- No twitch force [now its twitch recommend aka when u crash in ur crash log u get text that ur not using twitch and it's likely you won't get help from us]

- Item comparing now works for accessories

- Fixed some item lock annoyances

- Made the coods in action bar update 20 times per second instead of the usual 5 and removed powder special displaying there

- Easter eggs with salted and jumla, more capes for people

- Friends glow green

- Friend/party glow updates instantly

- Removed recipe book button

- Added more default waypoints for world map

- Added a black border around player heads on world map

- Added a way to change Item Name Display formatting [see default.wef inside config folder for more info]

- Added commas in xp display

- Fixed text going out of bounds in quest book

- Party settings actually save now

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