WynnCraft Sins Pack

4,103 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 30, 2018 Game Version: 1.12

WynnCraft Sins Pack


* Betterfps - Highers FPS

* BetterSprinting - Toggle able Sneak and Sprint
* Chunk Animator - Lets chunks update better and easier than normal
* Custom Main Menu - Modify Main Menu

* Default Options - Setting config file in-game

* EnhancedChat - Copy message in-game, Clear chat

* FpsReducer - Make Client use less computer's performance while AFK

* In-Game Account Switcher - Switch between different account in-game

* Item Scroller - More ways to use your scroll wheel

* Liteloader - API for some mods

* Mine Menu - Set your own shortcut for some command and message
* Optifine - Lowers lag and lets you add shaders (DIY)

* Resource Loader - Use with Custom Main Menu to improve

* VoxelMap - In-Game map that let you add your own waypoints
* Wynn Expansion - Adds lots of custom stuff into the game
* Wynncraft Rich Presence - Adds your game to say you’re playing wynncraft. the world, area
* Lots More to be added

What does it add

* Custom Guild, Party, Friends, World Menu
* Custom Keybinds
* Item Searching
* Minimap for you to unlock and add way points
* Custom Location
* Setting to change what you can see
* Item name tags
* Lock system
* Level buddy shows how many mod to kill to level
* Custom music edits
* Optifine - DIY
* Lot more you to find
* Custom Graphics
* Lots more


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