WT Endless Sky Adventures - SkyGrid Edition



Hello and welcome to the Endless Sky Adventures - Skygrid Edition of the WhotevaTech Pack Series. This pack is currently undergoing a massive change but will be updated often.



In this pack, a handful of mods are ready and willing to make it an experience you'll never forget. Avoid falling off or it's all over. Skygrid is a world of chaotic jumps, and significant falls but exciting plays. Travel over large grids of the world and make your base and village stand out. A spicey mixture of magic, automation, and battles makes this pack fun for a group of people that love to challenge themselves and even try on hardcore: one slip and it's all over.


With the overhaul, the sky grid will be the main functionality but on the public server, there will be Sky Islands, Sky block, and Sky Grid! There will be separate packs per game mode type.


The pack has an ever-growing quest book, from the basics through to individual mods themselves. Have an idea? leave a comment or join our discord below to talk with the rest of the community.















If you have any issues, don't hesitate to send me a message here or on discord