Wrath of Gods

357 Downloads Last Updated: May 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Wrath of Gods is an RPG style Modpack in which you fight against several different bosses from several different mods such as the Aether, Twilight Forest and Abyssalcraft bosses!


Progression System:

The Game's progression system is through Questing... Completing Getting Started Quests unlocks Boss Fight Chains as well as rewards the player through a short "Tutorial"


Boss Fights:

You will be fighting against many different bosses such as The Twilight Forest Bosses, Abyssalcraft Bosses and a handful of others to boot!


How it changes your experience:

The Pack is a light/medium sized pack and it is suggested that for those with lower end PCs to install Optifine to get the best Experience when playing the pack! Also there is very little automation (other than Cyclic) and a handful of magic to get players interested in mods... as this pack is more of a Boss Rush Pack players will not be taught how to progress through most of the mods...



Through the use of the Quest Book as players defeat bosses they will receive Items known as God Souls which will allow them to unlock Abilities via Ability Bottles through the Quest Book... these abilities bottles will enhance the player themselves...


Hardcore Mode: Although Hardcore mode is currently a WIP once finished players will be able to test their mettle against the dangers of this harsh modded world!




Note: Ur Ghast Image for Pack Created by FX30 on Deviantart!: https://fx30.deviantart.com/art/Ur-Ghast-380409389



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