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Heroes vs Minecraft: Infinity Crusade

 Take part in the Infinity Crusade!


Server is hosted by https://apexminecrafthosting.com/


 It has been over four hundred years since the Secret Wars came to a halt. The victor of the war is lost to history, but now a new crisis has been spotted in the land. A mercenary group that call themselves "The Left Hand" is now searching the land far and wide for the monument to Thanos. They hope acquire all the stones and take free will away from every being, creating peace, but at what cost?  They are led by two siblings who call themselves Morgen and Abend, they have acquired extraordinary powers and hope to accomplish the monumental task of wielding the stones together and, for once and for all. You, mysterious arrival, have the chance to either stop them both from obtaining the stones, or hand the stones to them yourself. It's you're choice.


If you like quests, big bosses, towns and cities with unique NPCs with influence from comic book lore, I think you should hop on and try the server out. Each decision you make impacts the server and all those who play on it. Perhaps you want to acquire all the stones for yourself. This is possible too. In popular tradition on the server, the first person to get all six stones can make a wish on the server and impact server life. Perhaps you want to destroy the stones to prevent anyone from getting them? This too is an option. This season will be more hands off than ever and hopefully a permanent map for future updates.





If any of this interests you please download the pack and give it a try! Stay tuned for another role-playing server with a magical twist, using the same formula. "Lunar Reach"



Server IP is