WolfPack - Technology and Exploration

398 Downloads Last Updated: May 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

MAJOR UPDATE 1.10 now available! Please read changelog (under files section)! 


My wife (Teedrache) and I (LordStargazer) really wanted to play modded Minecraft together, but we weren't happy with most Minecraft modpacks out there. I like technology, building machines, fiddling around with computers in a computer game (weird, I know). She loves farming, building houses, and landscaping. We both love exploration. So we decided to create our own pack.


If you're an explorer you'll enjoy mods like Abyssalcraft, Aether II, Recurrent Complex, and Biomes of Plenty. There's always something exiting around the corner. With the addition of Animania, Serene Seasons, AmbientSounds 3, and Better Foliage the world becomes more immersive and vibrant as ever. We highly recommend adding Optifine and CaptTatsu's BSL Shaders. Since a huge part of exploration is travelling we included the Grappling Hook ModViesCraft, and Simply Jetpacks 2.


For all you farmers out there, we included mods like Pam's Harvestcraft, Forestry, and Farming for Blockheads. This bouquet of farming mods is rounded up by the addition of Cooking for Blockheads which makes creating awesome meals and rations for your adventures so much easier and fun!


If you are an engineer you'll probably appreciate mods like Thermal Foundation, Thermal Expansion, Integrated Dynamics, Actually Additions, Open Computers and many more. For your RF power creation needs we included Iskallium Reactors which is still a bit rough around the edges but it works great and helps to provide easy power Extreme Reactors. And of course there's Tinker's Construct!


For all you builders out there, we added Building Gadgets, Chisel, Malisis Doors, MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod, and Statues: Rechiseled among others. 


Since I always wanted to play around with Psi, and Astral Sorcery these magic-based mods are also included.


The modpack is still in its early days, but we think it's already ready for public consumption. We made a few careful changes to several mod's config files. We made sure that we don't have duplicate ores. At least we hope we caught everything. If there are any worldgen bugs you notice, please let us know. Last but not least, we reduced the spawn strength of the special mobs from Techguns and Abyssal Craft. We like what the mod added, but were not too fond of getting killed by undead gunmen and terrors from beyond all the time. 


For the future I plan to add a guide book and perhaps even quests to the pack. The needed mods are already installed, but don't do much at the moment, so stay tuned for updates!

Please check out my blog for updates.


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