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A new teleportation experiment has gone horribly wrong and you have been teleported to a whimsical yet uncanny realm.

All you have left to survive are your trusty wrench and your teleporter research papers that... Wait a second! Your teleporter research papers have turned into some kind of magic journal!

Welp, it sure seems there's no clear way in sight to get back to your home, but at least you can find some way of surviving here.



WolfMagic is a magic themed modpack with the aid of a couple of tech mods to make your engineering life a bit easier while you learn, research, and conquer through several magic mods



This pack uses a tweaked version of Thermal Expansion as the main tech mod, with some proggession around getting resources from different dimensions, with some aid from railcraft and refined storage; the main magic mods you're gonna explore are botania, astral sorcery, thaumcraft, abyssalcraft, evilcraft, blood magic, twilight forest, roots, corail, and wizardry.

No quests at the moment!



This pack could be considered Light,but it has more mods that other light packs, mostly addons, but it still maintains a fast loading time

If you have any questions/bugs you find you can contact me though discord, my @ is wrulfy#1530 or ping me on the Modded Minecraft discord server


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