Wither Storm ModPack (FORGE)

Original Modpack By: notethanol. go check his pack out aswell! (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ethanols-ws-modpack)

What This Pack Includes:

You can find the mod list here, too many mods to keep in the description!


This Modpack adds the Minecraft StoryMode Wither Storm Boss To Minecraft Java With Some QOL Features.


Thank you all for 15k+ Downloads! I was not expecting this modpack to become this popular, I appreciate every one of you!


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Wither Storm Guide: 


The Beginnings


When locating a rundown house at x: 0 and z: 0, you’ll notice a platform with the blocks in a wither formation, with the notable difference of the Command Block in the center. To summon the Wither Storm, place the final wither skull laying next to the structure on top of the Command Block. Once completed, the Wither Storm will spawn at phase 0 and you’ll have 50 seconds to get the heck out of there.


The Wither Storm will, once fully summoned, try to chase you. If you haven’t run far enough away, you may need to play defensively to hide and protect yourself. Once you do escape, the next half hour or so mostly consist of the typical survival experience. During this time, I recommend getting plenty of food, tools and armor, boats (perhaps a horse?), and some sort of projectile (like snow or a bow and arrows). You should also be getting as much distance between you and the Wither Storm as possible. Soon enough, the Wither Storm will hit phase 4 and will grow to enormous proportions.


At this point, it’s time to get moving. The thing will begin to chase you, and you’ll need to get going. After chasing you for a few minutes, you may notice it stops and turns away from you and targets something else. It is now distracted, and this can be useful to run away from the thing and have some peace. Although, it may not always become distracted after chasing you, and this primarily depends on the distance. The farther away you are, the least likely it’ll become distracted. The most important thing is to make sure the Wither Storm isn’t chasing you though, as this can happen seemingly randomly (depending on how long you stay in one area, and how often you move). If it's not chasing you (normal speed) or it’s distracted, you can continue running away or start making a hide out. I wouldn’t get too fancy with builds however, as they can be easily torn apart by the mutant beast. A bunker could be handy though, in case of deaths and needing a quick way to regear.


The Command Block Book


The Withered Symbiont is a mutated wither sickened (more about wither sickness later) zombie. It is much more powerful and larger than a typical zombie, and it is summoned directly by the Command Block inside the Wither Storm. This is the only way of acquiring an enchanted command block book, used to craft a formidibomb to kill the Wither Storm. The only thing, however, is that a Withered Symbiont will only spawn when the Wither Storm is at the end of phase 5.


At this point, approaching the Wither Storm and loitering will eventually cause a Withered Symbiont to spawn. It is important to be prepared though while waiting for one, as you’ll need to be close to the Wither Storm, and being close to it means it’ll probably suck you in and consume you. I recommend having armor, tools and weapons, projectiles, a shield (using a shield will hide you from the Wither Storm), water bucket/boats (to prevent fall damage), and best of all, invisibility potions. Being invisible prevents the Wither Storm from targeting you completely, but invisibility potions will require the nether (although you’ll need to go to the nether for blaze powder later anyway). If you are ever picked up by the Wither Storm, shoot projectiles at the head pulling you in, and hope that it may injure it and it’ll drop you. If not, and it starts to chomp at you, hit it with your most damaging weapon/tool. If that doesn’t work, you’re pretty much toast. If it does work however, be prepared to have some sort of method of preventing fall damage, such as using a water bucket, jumping in a boat quickly, or if there is a nearby water pool, aim for that. If you have the resources, make fireworks and a crossbow, and shoot fireworks. The Wither Storm is easily distracted by fireworks and will stop what it's doing to take a look at the distraction. The same for TNT. This is useful when playing multiplayer, as you could save your friends and most importantly, yourself.


Once a Withered Symbiont spawns, locate the mob. It should spawn somewhere near you. Once you do, the Wither Storm theme will fade away and the Symbiont’s theme will start. When you hear this music, you can be sure that you are now fighting the Withered Symbiont, and the Wither Storm will actually completely ignore you while you’re doing so. When you arrive, you’ll hear familiar evoker sounds, indicating it is preparing a spell. You’ll then notice it to start to shoot some projectiles or try to attack/lunge at you. Here is a list of its spells:


    • Evoker fangs: This spell copies the Evoker’s evoker fang spell. It launches a wall of fangs that snap in a wave pattern towards you.


  • Sulker bullets: The Withered Symbiont will spin 5 shulker bullets in a circular orbit around itself. After a few seconds, these bullets will begin to track and move towards the player.
  • Arrows: The Symbiont will spawn floating arrows above its head. After summoning a random amount, it’ll shoot all these arrows toward the player.
  • Smash: As the name suggests, the Withered Symbiont will leap in the air and will smash usually behind the player, dealing explosion damage. A shield or running away when you notice it jumping up will help you prevent large amounts of damage.
  • Fireball: Similar to the shulker bullets, the Symbiont will spawn fireballs and spin them in a circular orbit. One at a time, it’ll shoot these fireballs at the player (note though that you can’t knock the fireballs back and hurt the Withered Symbiont).
  • Wither skulls: Wither skulls will shoot out from the front of the Withered Symbiont from an upright circular formation towards the player.
  • Pull: Using this spell, the Symbiont will pull the player towards it. If the player gets too close to it, it’ll stop using the spell and will try to attack the player.



These spells are selected randomly and may be used several times before a new one is selected. The most dangerous is likely to be the smash, so stay cautious. After throwing several spells, the Withered Symbiont will then start summoning mobs, indicated by another evoker noise. Sickened mobs will then be summoned with a somewhat random assortment of armor, more health (but much slower) in between the Symbiont and the player. After summoning these mobs, the Symbiont will become “weakened,” will bend over, and is now vulnerable. It is important to mention that the Symbiont can only be attacked from its back, where a glowing purple gash is present. While it’s weakened, you can approach it without fear of it doing anything and can strike it, with any blow you’d prefer (preferably with a crit).


You may find yourself repeating this several times. Once you get it below 50% health however, the boss theme will become more intense and the interval of the spellcasting will increase significantly. The strength of the spells doesn’t increase however. You’ll notice sickened mobs will be summoned more often, with more of them and with better armor. Repeat this until you’ve killed the symbiont. After a “fancy” animation, a floating enchanted command block book will descend upon where it died. Collect it and run away, as you only have five minutes of invulnerability from the Wither Storm targeting you.


If you happen to die and respawn far away, there may be a chance that the Symbiont has despawned. The Withered Symbiont will only despawn when there is no Wither Storm nearby and no players, and by the time you get back to your death (if you remember where) the Wither Storm has probably moved too far away and the Symbiont has despawned. I’d recommend setting your spawn close by (but out of range of the Wither Storm) so you can respawn easily.


With this command block book now in your possession, you can now either craft super TNT to make a formidibomb or use it in a smithing table with any diamond tool to make command block tools. The former is the intended route, as to craft command block tools you’ll need to use up your only book and you’ll need to wait quite a while to go back for another. The Wither Storm has a summoning cooldown of up to around 10 mins, while the player who a Withered Symbiont was summoned for has to wait for much longer (if they killed it) for one to spawn for them again. In a multiplayer setting, after the Wither Storm’s cooldown, if atleast one player hasn’t killed one while another has, the Wither Storm will still spawn one for that player (although others can still kill and take part in the fight).


The Disease


There was a good chance that during your visit with the Wither Storm you'd encounter mobs with a purplish disease that covered them. This is wither sickness. Fortunately, as a player you have much greater immunity, but you are still susceptible. Wither sickness lowers a mob's max health while dealing damage slowly over time. The effect lasts basically forever, and you can tell if you have it by checking your potion effects or by looking at your character for the purplish disease. If not taken care of, you’ll eventually get so low in max health that you’ll die. While death is an easy option to get rid of it, you can craft golden apple stew and eat it to gain some beneficial effects and to start the curing process. While you’re being cured, you’ll continue to have the effect (although it won’t deal anymore damage), and after the purplish layer goes away you’re fully cured and the effect disappears. You can also use golden apple stew on any sickened mob, including fully converted ones (ones that are completely purple / purpley gray) to convert them back.

If you’ve not already, you’ll need to go to the nether and find a fortress to get blaze rods for blaze powder. You’ll need blaze powder to make a formidibomb, so the nether is a crucial part. It is important to take note that the Wither Storm will travel to wherever your portal is even if you’re in another dimension (because of how the Wither Storm chunk loads the area around itself), so it is important to be quick.


Stronger Than Ever


Before you even craft a formidibomb though, you need to know that as soon as it’s crafted, the fuse begins, and it can blow up in your inventory (and the explosion isn’t very nice). It is wise to get close to the Wither Storm first, then craft the item, and then ignite it with flint and steel when placed in targeting range of the Wither Storm (using flint and steel is important so you don’t wait a long time for it to explode, as igniting manually will lower the fuse time). After doing so, get the heck out of there and hide and watch. The Wither Storm will pick the bomb up when it’s close to detonation, and once it is rays of light will protrude from it. Its explosion will blind you and cause your ears to ring, but once the dust settles, the Wither Storm has been killed.


Now, it’s time to go search the corpse. You’ll notice it has split because of the bomb, and at the chest of the primary Wither Storm you’ll notice a rib cage with the Command Block in the center. Upon approaching the block, it appears dormant, but once you get too close it reactivates and starts pulling you towards it. Once you’re close enough, the ribs hide the Command Block and the Wither Storm springs back to life. Although not anymore powerful, the Wither Storm now consists of three separate entities, the segments coming back to life with it.


The Wither Storm will now continue to evolve, and sometime in phase 6 (the phase once split) the Wither Storm will go from 3 heads to 9 in total, making it much, much more deadly. You’ll need another enchanted command block book though, so you’ll need to approach it again to get one. When the Wither Storm evolves, all players’ Withered Symbiont summoning cooldown refreshes. Then craft a command block tool (any diamond tool in a smithing table with a command block book); the only way to destroy the Command Block, and start the journey to end the mutinous monster once and for all.

The Belly of the Beast


While the next step is to enter the Wither Storm, this can not be performed until there is an opening to do so. When it reaches the peak of its evolution, or at a seemingly random time, a hole will be quite noticeable above its primary head. This hole has a sort of purple film inside of it, which makes the hole noticeable even from great distances away. However, while you wait for the entrance to appear (which may be another hour or so), you should get prepared and properly equipped, if you wish not to die.


Diamond armor should be top priority, alongside enchantments, if possible. Everything should have protection, while the boots should have the best feather falling possible. You’ll need a command block tool to hurt the Command Block, other tools (pickaxes, shovels, etc), plenty of food, and possibly even regeneration potions. A water bucket (to prevent falls), a shield, and ender pearls are also extremely useful. A bow with plenty of arrows will also prove handy. Bring a stack of blocks as well, and a respawn anchor with glowstone blocks to set your spawn (if possible). Once you’re ready, and the entrance is visible, throwing an ender pearl, using a crossbow loaded with an ender pearl for further distance, or just simply touching the hole will transport you to the bowels. The best way to get into the bowels is to let the Wither Storm pull you in, then use the crossbow to shoot an ender pearl at the hole.


The bowels are quite dark, full of infected and tainted flesh, and various other tainted variants of blocks the Wither Storm has pulled in over time. Glowing mushrooms provide next to no light, and the bright pink fog masks what’s at the end of the tunnel. As you near the main room, a faint hum of the Command Block can be heard. Once the fog clears enough, you can see the block in its full form, surrounded by dormant tentacles. It is not aware of your presence.


Surrounding the floating pedestal where the Command Block resides are several other tentacles, also dormant, and two Wither Storm heads, sitting deactivated. No natural mobs spawn in the bowels, and the dormant tentacles and heads pose no threat, so take the time to prepare and get ready. Once you’re ready, hop on to the Command Block’s podium, while being aware of the seemingly bottomless hole, and hit it with a Command Block tool. Immediately, the Command Block will become aware of your presence, and will awaken its tentacles. These tentacles will whack you off the pedestal. Afterwards, the Command Block will raise its pedestal to get to higher ground. Then, a wave of sickened mobs will start to spawn around the area surrounding the hole. Defeat these mobs, heal up if need be, then get back on the podium by either building up or using an ender pearl, and strike another blow. However, be quick as its tentacles will try to whack you off before you can get a hit. If you somehow remain on the podium as it’s being raised, you’ll simply fall off and fall into the hole, and will find yourself back at the Wither Storm.


Fall damage is quite evident, and so preparing with feather falling boots will greatly reduce the damage. If you need to, heal quickly while you have a few seconds for the Command Block to summon the next wave of sickened mobs. At the same time, the other dormant tentacles will awake. These tentacles have the ability to grab hold of you and strangle you, while also swinging and dealing damage. After all the sickened mobs have been spawned, a Withered Symbiont will be summoned nearby. The Withered Symbiont isn’t quite normal here however, it won’t summon mobs on its own and it summons its spells at a much faster rate. Once the Withered Symbiont is dealt with, kill all the sickened mobs, heal up and head back up to the podium, while being quick to avoid being knocked off prematurely.


Hitting it for the third time will cause the same events. The Command Block will raise its podium, summon more sickened mobs, but this time, will awaken the two Wither Storm heads stationed near the roof on opposite walls. After summoning, the Command Block’s tentacles will curl in on the block, and the Command Block cannot be dealt damage until the heads are injured, meaning their tractor beams are off and they shake periodically. The sickened mobs summoned in this wave are much stronger, and they will also have some armor equipped. Be aware of everything as you go about, being pulled in by the heads, whacked at by tentacles, and more. Sickened creepers are quite strong, so try to use your shield to block their damage while also attracting a crowd to use the explosion on the other mobs. It’s important to keep your health up as much as possible. When the heads are injured, go up to the Command Block one last time, and inflict the final blow.


If you fall in the hole at any time, you’ll be transported back at the bottom of the Wither Storm, with maximum resistance so you won’t take any fall damage coming back. The Wither Storm will also temporarily ignore you, so you can regroup if need be. While setting your spawn with a bed does not work, a respawn anchor does. Set one up when you get into the bowels so in case you die, you’ll respawn easily. Keep a backup chest with more glowstone blocks to keep the anchor full, and perhaps some backup gear if necessary. It’s also important to note that the Command Block, when its tentacles aren’t curling in and it’s not summoning, can be hit even though sickened mobs still remain. However, it is advised to clear everything first, as if you don’t the sickened mobs will simply pile up, adding to the difficulty.


Once the Command Block is defeated, you’ll be automatically transported back to the Wither Storm, and get to watch its glorious end. Once it’s gone, you’ll get a withered nether star; your trophy. You’ve successfully defeated the Wither Storm.