WildTrek--A More Immersive RLCraft

3,872 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

WildTrek--Latest Update

No recurring crashes (at least in my own computer) anymore.

I will kiss whomever makes a video for this modpack. (@ v @)/ ~LOL



PrussianLemmings aka GreenTartan35, the camping Sith Lord of Call to Battle 2.



WildTrek, a more immersive RLCraft. Not necessarily harder, but certainly has a far more immersive worldgen. Check the screenshots gallery for more details.



1. Download this modpack and put it to wherever it should properly go in your computer.

2. Download the following non-CurseForge mods and put them into the 'mod' folder, including:

Optifine [The name and its fame explain themselves.]

Custom Mob Spawner (1.12.2) [Fundamental in activating Mo'Creatures.]
Muon [Optional, but you may suffer terrible village placement without it, including drowned buildings and buried doors.]

3 (Optional). Download the following resource packs for maximum immersion, and put them in roughly the following order, from top to bottom:


Stardew Valley Music - Musical Minecraft

Craft Sans Square - Font

Gui Metroize - Java Vanilla

Pixel Reality - Atmosphere

More Animation

Tissou's Zombie Pack

Clear Glass with Connected Textures [16x]


4. Play the game and enter a new world.

5. Press F4 to play an immersive music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiQcKFgx440

6. Read the READMEs in your given starter pack. They include detailed explanations on useful keybinds, creative commands, as well as what your rucksack contains. Should take less than 3 minutes.

7. Viel Spaß damit, Jungs und Mädels! \(^ v ^)/



1. Be it in Creative or Survival/Hardcore, wait for 3 minutes maximum for the game to load and run smoothly following your first join. Signs of properly-running worlds include complete loading of chunks and your being able to interact with or harm entities. 

2. Please leave a comment whenever you caught any real bugs or exceptions. Missing bounding boxes, crosshairs, hotbars, and even hands etc, are not exceptions. They were deliberately hidden in game for maximum realism. Press 'Y' in-game to toggle over 40 HUD elements, and press ' to toggle a realistic first-person perspective.

3. Please write all comments/complaints/questions in English, and so will they be replied in English, despite itself not being the author's mother tongue, either. This is intended to make as many people as possible to understand the discussed situation. German, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, whatever language other than English, will be ignored.


Check out my gun modpack at:




Kudos to all the makers of the mods within this modpack! Compared to their toll and integrity, a modpack maker is nothing more than a mere collector.

Clef (by ohaiiChun)

Tool Belt (by gigaherz)

Ruins (Structure Spawning System) (by atomicstrykergrumpy)

Dynamic Lights (by atomicstrykergrumpy)

Spartan Weaponry (by ObliviousSpartan)

IvToolkit (by Ivorforce)

Multi Mine (by atomicstrykergrumpy)

The Creeping Nether (by Dreadwing93)

Aww Man Achievement Mod (by pewidot)

No Mob Spawning on Trees (by oldjunyi)

A Crude Start (by Tacusin)

Additional Banners (by DarkhaxDev)

MysticalLib (by EpicSquid319)

Open Terrain Generator (OpenTerrainGenerator / OTG) (by team_otg)

Tissou's Zombie Pack (by Tissou)

Creature Whisperer (by pacomods)

iChunUtil (by ohaiiChun)

U Team Core (by HyCraftHD)

Console Experience (by Fuzs_)

Client Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)

Mob Dismemberment (by ohaiiChun)

Wumple Util Library (by Stormwind99)

Mantle (by mDiyo)

Village Names (by AstroTibs)

Remove Mouseover Highlight (by MrAmericanMike)

Bountiful (by ejektaflex)

Better HUD (by jobicade)

Reforged (by ThexXTURBOXx)

VanillaFix (by Runemoro)

Improved Backpacks (by DreenDexTwitch)

Natural Nether Portals (by InsaneGames_)

OfflineSkins (by LainMI)

All Mobs Attack Villagers (by tallestegg_)

AutoRegLib (by Vazkii)

Progressive Bosses (by InsaneGames_)

Mob Sunscreen (by Kreezxil)

Infinite Music (by frinn38)

Custom Starter Gear (by brandon3055)

Dark Modern GUIs (by The_Brook)

Simple Camp Fire (by jsitt)

Realistic Cobwebs (by UpcraftLP)

D3 Commands (by DoubleDoorDev)

Ration Workshop (by sz0999312)

Controlling (by Jaredlll08)

Potion Icon Remover (by Kashdeya)

Equipment Tooltips (by SilentChaos512)

Sunscreen Gel (by zr22)

Timestamps (by g4bri3l23)

Simply Arrows (by DarkhaxDev)

ForgeEndertech (by EnderLanky)

GUI Metroize - Java Vanilla (by hugoalh)

Just Sleep (by modmuss50)

Blur (by tterrag1098)

Bookworm (by SoggyStache)

Terraria Music - Musical Minecraft (by UtauTori)

Biomes O' Plenty (by Forstride)

Biome Bundle (by mc_pitman)

Mo' Creatures (by DrZharky)

Just Another Rotten Flesh to Leather Mod (by alexdaum1)

Vic's Modern Warfare Mod (by Vic4GamesTwitch)

AudioCraft (by TheSavageHybrid)

Dooglamoo Worlds (by Dooglamoo)

Lil' Critters - A ZAWA Addon (by Mnesikos)

No More Punching Tree (by TheAwesomeGem)

Notes (by Chaosyr)

Custom Backgrounds (by Lumien231)

Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)

Third Person Camera Fix (by HialusFX)

Toast Control (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Prestige (by Jaredlll08)

Mad Villagers (by Kashdeya)

jglrxavpok's Uncrafting Table (by csb987)

Better Food Mechanics (by CrimsonDragonRider)

Bailey's Dailies (by ToroCraft)

Baubles (by Azanor13)

Serene Seasons (by Forstride)

Mystical World (by EpicSquid319)

Cursor Mod (by ATE48)

Rough Tweaks (by Lellson8)

ItemZoom (by mezz)

Adventure Tools (by qwertypolyp)

No Potion Shift (by mezz)

Baby Mobs (by Furgle)

Configurable Despawn Timer (by Serilum)

Snow! Real Magic! (by Snownee_)

Better Animal Models (by cybercat5555)

No Night Vision Flashing (by TeamCoFH)

Skewers (by Casadis)

Puddles (by solis_nova123)

SmoothWater (by asiekierka)

Tumbleweed (by konwboj)

Lieutenant (by Matthe815)

HoloInventory (by Dries007)

Roguelike Dungeons (by greymerktv)

Treestumps (by codewarrior0)

Food Funk (by Stormwind99)

Geolosys (by oitsjustjose)

CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ (by covers1624)

Wall-Jump! (by genandnic)

Exotic Birds (by ThePavoReality)

Roots (by EpicSquid319)

Combustive Fishing (by TheIllusiveC4)

Sophisticated wolves (by nightkosh)

Thicc Entities (by wiresegal)

Worley's Caves (by super_fluke)

Infinite Trading (by Serilum)

Custom Nausea (by TheIllusiveC4)

Epic Siege Mod (by Funwayguy)

WaitingTime (by Jaredlll08)

The Birdwatching Mod (by ikerleon02)

Corpse (by henkelmax)

Long Fall Boots (by Nano_Heart)

Real First Person 2 (by rejah_tavi)

Shadowfacts' Forgelin (by ShadowfactsDev)

Craftable Name tag (by dankman9)

Title Changer (by maxwelllt)

WebShooter (by josephcsible)

Cosmetic Armor Reworked (by LainMI)

Fossils and Archeology Revival (by _ForgeUser18449974)

Gambling Style (by Fuzs_)

Doomlike Dungeons (by JaredBGreat)

TiffitLib (by tiffit_)

Charm (by svenhjol)

Bullseye (by Forstride)

Additional Structures (by XxRexRaptorxX)

Fish's Undead Rising (by fish0016054)

WAIM - What am I missing? (by Jaredlll08)

Lost Souls (by McJty)

Persistent Cake (by HeckinChloe)

Warrior's Experience (by AtlasThe1st)

Vanilla Vistas (by mc_pitman)

The Camping Mod (by rikmuld)

Ocean Floor - Clay Sand and Dirt (by Lothrazar)

More Animation (by SelficuS)

OreLib (by OreCruncher)

OpticManager (by CreativeMD)

InGameConfigManager (by CreativeMD)

Craft Sans Square—Font (by cyivn)

Rikmulds Core Mod (by rikmuld)

Hold Yer Breath (by Radient_Sora)

Future MC (by thedarkcolour)

Trinkets and Baubles (by XzeroAir)

Tough As Nails (by TheAdubbz)

Armor Sound Tweak (by HeckinChloe)

Uncrafted (by XxRexRaptorxX)

Bookshelf (by DarkhaxDev)

Better Foliage (by octarine_noise)

Wearable Backpacks (by HeckinChloe)

Advanced Finders (by EnderLanky)

Animated Crosshair (by bugfroggy)

TAN Campfire Spit (by WolfieWaffle)

Clear Glass with Connected Textures! [16x] (by DnatorGames)

Just A Raft Mod (by Mrbysco)

Animales (by pacomods)

Just a Few Fish (by Tmtravlr)

Pam's HarvestCraft (by pamharvestcraft)

Coffee Workshop (by sz0999312)

Villager Names (by Serilum)

Ambient Environment (by Jaredlll08)

RealSerene (by Aang234)

Patchouli (by Vazkii)

EnhancedVisuals (by CreativeMD)

Painting Selection Gui Revamped (by AbsolemJackdaw)

Farseek (by delvr)

AmbientSounds 3 (by CreativeMD)

Quark (by Vazkii)

Permafrost (by Virtuoel)

Wild Crops (by Kormic911)

SwingThroughGrass (by exidex)

Eat the Eggs! (by emerson_chris)

Pam's DesertCraft (by pamharvestcraft)

Pam's Get All the Seeds! (by pamharvestcraft)

Real Time Chat Translation Mod (by Ringosham)

WorldEditCUI Forge Edition 2 (by hexosse)

Food Expansion (by Lellson8)

The Spice of Life (by squeek502)

Player Skin Mob (by GenDeathrow)

Cake Chomps (by TheIllusiveC4)

Capsule (by Lythom)

McJtyLib (by McJty)

More Player Models (by Noppes_)

BountifulBaubles (by Cursed1nferno)

Pollution of the Realms (by EnderLanky)

Rats (by alex1the1666)

Streams (by delvr)

Chunk Animator (by Lumien231)

Carrots Library [FORGE] (by The_Wabbit0101)

Shoulder Surfing Reloaded (by _ForgeUser21552638)

Music Player (by HyCraftHD)

Traverse: Legacy Continued (by ProspectorDev)

Inventory Tweaks (by Kobata)

AppleSkin (by squeek502)

Block Tweaker (by EwyBoy)

Minecraft Mineralogy (by jriwanek)

Mod Name Tooltip (by mezz)

Iblis Headshots (by Foghrye4)

Advanced Fishing (by nightkosh)

Not Enough Items 1.8.+ (by covers1624)

Pet Names (by Serilum)

Better Animals Plus (by cybercat5555)

BetterNether (by paulevs)

Worldgeneration Profiler (by HyCraftHD)

Recurrent Complex (by Ivorforce)

Lightning Tweaks (by CaffeinatedPinkie)

Hot or Not (by Buuz135)

Fancy Block Particles (by TominoCZ)

Realistic Ore Veins (by AlcatrazEscapee)

Better Diving (by meldexun)

Eyes in the Darkness (by gigaherz)

CreativeCore (by CreativeMD)

LLibrary (by _ForgeUser11902522)

Default Options (by BlayTheNinth)

Stardew Valley Music - Musical Minecraft (by UtauTori)

Rough Mobs 2 (by Lellson8)

Bad Mobs (by DarkhaxDev)

LagGoggles (by Terminator_NL)

Random World Name (by smbarbour)

Unity (by theCyanideX)

Scannable (by Sangar_)

First Aid (by ichttt)

Camouflaged Creepers (by georgetsak)

Project: Vibrant Journeys (by solis_nova123)

The Lost Cities (by McJty)

CoroUtil (by Corosus)

Breadcrumb Trail (by quat1024)

Zombie Awareness (by Corosus)

Straw Golem (by fradige95)

Pam's Cookables - Pam's Harvestcraft Addon (by BloodWorkXGaming)

Advanced World Selection (by sedridor77)

Butterflys (by SoggyStache)

Dynamic Surroundings (by OreCruncher)

Passable Leaves (by WhichOnesPink)

Armor Underwear Mod (by The_Wabbit0101)

Iberia (by rockhymas)

Stacksize (by wwrpg1)

Keyboard Wizard (by mrnerdy42)

Grappling Hook Mod (by yyonne)

Sanity (by tiffit_)

Bauble of Undying (by HeckinChloe)

Realistic Item Drops (by Funwayguy)

JourneyMap (by techbrew)

NetherPortalFix (by BlayTheNinth)

Air Support (by vadis365)

Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt : ZAWA (by SoggyStache)

Need to Breathe! (by McJty)

Locks (by Melonslise)

CoralReef (by primetoxinz)

Simple Corn (by cleverpanda714)

Trample Stopper (by UnRealDinnerbone)

Phosphor (by jellysquid_)

Calm Down Zombie Guy (by bloodnbonesgaming)

Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Wearables (by gegy1000)

PrimalCore (by Aun_Sar)

Organic Creepers (by Konlii)

Comforts (by TheIllusiveC4)

Paragliders (by Tictim)

Far from Home (by incognietis)

Animated Recipe Button (by Fuzs_)

Pixel Reality - Atmosphere (by Wedhro)

AppleCore (by squeek502)

Natural Fauna Mod: a ZAWA addon (by Mnesikos)

PTRLib (by RazzleberryFox)

Camera Obscura (by RazzleberryFox)

Bottled Milk (by Ferrettomato)

WorldEdit (by sk89q)

Fence Jumper (by TheRealp455w0rd)

Extra TAN (by Matthe815)

Reborn Core (by modmuss50)

World Handler - Command GUI (by Exopandora)

Village Spawn Point (by Serilum)

Immersive Craft (by McJty)


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