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WildTrek--Latest Update

No recurring crashes (at least in my own computer) anymore.

I will kiss whomever makes a video for this modpack. (@ v @)/ ~LOL



PrussianLemmings aka GreenTartan35, the camping Sith Lord of Call to Battle 2.



WildTrek, a more immersive RLCraft. Not necessarily harder, but certainly has a far more immersive worldgen. Check the screenshots gallery for more details.



1. Download this modpack and put it to wherever it should properly go in your computer.

2. Download the following non-CurseForge mods and put them into the 'mod' folder, including:

Optifine [The name and its fame explain themselves.]

3 (Optional). Download the following resource packs for maximum immersion, and put them in roughly the following order, from top to bottom:


Gui Metroize - Java Vanilla

Pixel Reality - Atmosphere

More Animation

Tissou's Zombie Pack

Clear Glass with Connected Textures [16x]


4. Play the game and enter a new world.



1. Be it in Creative or Survival/Hardcore, wait for 3 minutes maximum for the game to load and run smoothly following your first join. Signs of properly-running worlds include complete loading of chunks and your being able to interact with or harm entities. 

2. Please leave a comment whenever you caught any real bugs or exceptions. Missing bounding boxes, crosshairs, hotbars, etc, are not exceptions. They were deliberately hidden in game for maximum realism. 

3. Please write all comments/complaints/questions in English, and so will they be replied in English, despite itself not being the author's mother tongue, either. This is intended to make as many people as possible to understand the discussed situation. German, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, whatever language other than English, will be ignored.


Check out my gun modpack at: