WikiPack 1

1,396 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 17, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

This pack is a Minecraft 1.7.10 pack focused around GregTech 6, meant for use in the FTB Wiki server. If you're not playing on the FTB Wiki server, then you probably don't want this pack.

One of the goals of this pack is to adjust the recipes of other mods to use GregTech items. As well, this pack tries to ensure that you cannot bypass any of GregTech by using other mods. IC2 in particular is only here as a dependency of GregTech and most of it will be disabled

For some reason Curse wants me to assume anyone reading this description has no familiarity with Minecraft, but if that is the case, what are you even doing here? Go play vanilla and become familiar with Minecraft first!

This pack used to be known as FTB Wiki 1.7.10, but recently one of the moderators of this great site (Torhal) decided that name was no longer good enough (because it dared to have the version in the name) and deapproved the entire pack until I changed the name.

Note to moderators: The 1 in the name is not a version number. It is used to distinguish this pack from WikiPack 2 which is a completely different mod pack the FTB Wiki also uses. Also, why is there no way for me to directly reply to moderator approval rejection notices. Also, there are official FTB packs that have version numbers in their titles just fine (such as FTB Infinity Lite 1.10), so why must my pack be subject to such restrictions?


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