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This is an WIP Experimental Modpack for Minecraft 1.19 using the Fabric Launcher

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( Screenshots are listed below )



The goal of Wightcraft is to compile some of the best Minecraft v1.19 Fabric performance mods alongside seamless multiplayer integration, all while including some of the most expansive Biomes/Mobs/Tools and features possible that keep within the realm of the vanilla feel of Minecraft. 


NEW Multiplayer Integration!

Yes it's finally back! After multiple mod conflicts and issues over the past month, we've managed to apply it back in. On top of that we have also added a new progression XP level system with some cool additions to gameplay style, In-game proximity voice chat and player instanced loot able chests are back too!

Now you can boot up your singleplayer world, pause the game and invite your friends to join you in your Wightcraft adventure!


Current Features

✔️ Fully Optimised & Performance targeted pack

✔️ New End Game Dimension w/ Biomes (Eden Ring)

✔️ Built in Multiplayer Hosting, Friend Invite system, Party Claim Chunks & Voice Chat (Essential)

✔️ Player instanced Chest & Barrel spawns, loot for everyone! (Lootr)

✔️ Player levelling progression system (PlayerEX & Multiplayer addon)

✔️ Integrated Quest system with XP & Loot rewards!

✔️ Simple Casino roulette mod for a chance at rare loot (Cost 5 Diamonds per spin)

✔️ Rebalanced combat mechanics (BetterCombat)

✔️ Expanded new ores with full Armor & Tools sets

✔️ Full Controller support, (Xbox & PS) + Mouse Inv tweaks

✔️ Included Shaders (Sildur's & Complementary)

✔️ Nether & End complete biome w/ items revamps (BetterX)

✔️ 120+ New biomes (BYG)

✔️ 100+ New mobs 

✔️ 200+ New Weapons & Armour

✔️ 250+ New craftable furniture (PaladinsFurniture)

✔️ 50+ New enchantments and effects

✔️ 300+ new additional Structures, Overhauled Villages and Generated Mines

✔️ Custom Traders w/ Structures & Improved Wandering Trader

✔️ Vanilla+ Friendly Gameplay tweaks

✔️ Real Item physics & pick up item ability

✔️ Advanced Upgradeable storage system tiers + easy auto item sorting (ReinforcedStorage)

✔️ Reputation, Infinite trading and trade cycling enabled villagers

✔️ XP Storage and retrieval system, with Custom Mending I-III ability

✔️ Auto-Run with full Inventory Usage

✔️ Basic Tech upgradability (Extractinator, Auto Pipe Storage & Cobblestone Generator)

✔️ Smooth Basic Parkour movement using Cling & Wall-Jump

✔️ New Player & Chest Horse Carriages 

✔️ Full REI & WTHIT support 

✔️ Included Resource Packs



Planned Features

  • More in depth fishing mechanics and level system (Special loot drops+)
  • Custom instanced chest/ loot spawn for multiplayer servers
  • Full Server Pack to be released upon completion
  • Tweaks to create and unforgiving Hardcore world, yet a relaxed and pick-up-and-play Easy World.
  • Item borders showing rarity synched with item colour name
  • XP from more peaceful methods (Farming, Fishing, Quests etc)
  • TBA new end game dimension
  • Additional Mobs and wildlife
  • Damage indicators
  • More configurable Keybinds & Settings
  • Many more ...

 Spoiler & Link contains Beta Screenshots : Imgur v0.97 Screenshot Full Album



Beneath Fishing Village


Ocean Ruins


(Images were taken in game using F1 Mode & Complementary Shader Pack that comes Pre-Installed with this pack)




Spoiler contains Alpha Screenshots :




(Images were taken in game using F1 Mode & Complementary Shader Pack that comes Pre-Installed with this pack)



Feel free to test out some of the combinations in this pack and let me know your thoughts, I will be planning to continuously update the pack when more v1.19 mods become ported/ available.