About:  WaterWeDoing?! is a test modpack, designed to assess new mods and test existing ones for the new world of forge 1.14 modded minecraft, specifically in a multiplayer server environment To that end server versions of the pack will be made available after testing has been completed.  

This pack will have frequent updates as new mods get released, existing mods may be removed as bugs are discovered if authors stop development and, while every effort will be made to keep worlds compatible across versions no guarantees can be made as resets may be required. 


Players can expect a mix of both magical and technical game-play,  Explore the world of vanilla Minecraft expanded with magical mods such as allomancy that let you increase the abilities of your player along with mods such as PlantTech that enable you to grow resources from genetically modified plants.     

If you desire to be a wizard, mad scientist, run your own village center or just build fantastic structures to share with your friends WaterWeDoing?! offers something for you! 



Mod list:  Due to the changing nature of the pack, the best way to view the current mod-list is by viewing the dependency on the curseforge website. All credit for the mods used goes to the mod developers and users are encouraged to view each mods page for information about that specific mod and support the fine work mod makers do to provide these mods to the community. 



Support: Support for this  pack is limited at this time due to the beta nature of forge for 1.14 minecraft. If you encounter bugs I encourage you to report them to the mod makers so they are better able to fix their mods. That said, support for the pack and pack related issues can be obtained on the issues page here on curseforge for this pack or by visiting our discord at https://discord.gg/YacZBCd