Vorps Reborn

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Are you tired of playing modpacks that start with wooden tools, then stone tools, iron tools, and then diamond tools, then you start on the mods?


Vorps Reborn starts with mods right off the bat, from creating stone tools with sharp rocks, vines, and sticks, to creating forge equipment with stone and coal.


Vorps Reborn is a Stone Age all the way up to the Industrial Age-based pack with magic elements, centered around MineFantasy Reforged’s creation of Tools, Weapons, and Armor.

MineFantasy Reforged is an interactive alternative to Tinker’s Construct, but Tinker's is now in the pack as well.


Tech Advancement through the pack is utilizing MineFantasy Reforged itself, Immersive Engineering, Immersive Petroleum, Immersive Railroading, Ancient Warfare 2, and other mods.


Magic Advancement is through Electroblob’s Wizardry, Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, and Botania.


The player can also explore with MineFantasy Reforged, delving into Ancient Forges, Ancient Altars, and Dwarven Strongholds, as well as Doomlike Dungeons, Chocolate Quest Repoured, and Treasure 2!.
Village Names and Lootr round out the Exploration parts.


Growing of Crops is helped along with Agricraft.


For town building, there's Millenaire, MineColonies, and Harvest Festival Legacy, a port of the Harvest Festival mod from 1.10.2 that closely follows the Harvest Moon Series of games.


Zombie Awareness and Hardcore Darkness are in the pack, so be advised to not travel at night during a new moon if possible.


Currently, there are a few quests in this pack, but it's limited to the official Vorps Reborn server.


The recommended amount of memory allocated to the pack is 8GB.


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