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A medium sized modpack to add some extra spice to vanilla Minecraft. Contains 222 mods (v1.3.1) to add more opportunity to build. The mods are meant to add much more building items, a bunch of experiences and unique things to perform to extend the length of the game and add an extra difficulty flare to the game that was lost to playing the game a lot. It also adds tools for convenience and progression to be easier, but balanced with other difficulties in the world, such as mobs. The modpack plans to deepen your connection with the game of Minecraft, allowing you to view the true virtues of life inside of the game.

The modpack is finished in its state, but may have missed a few bugs or conflicting mods in it that weren't encountered while testing. I will occasionally update it, adding more content over time until it feels like enough content or if bugs/crashes are found.


As always, the main thing to be achieved is to make sure you have fun playing the modpack. Hope you enjoy! :D

<3 - Kayluh