1,439 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 8, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2

Tired of all the 1.7.10 packs?

Tired of all the packs that just feel thrown together?


Welcome to UnlimitedTech


UnlimitedTech Modpack is a well balanced pack with 100+ active mods running on version 1.10.2, and offers countless hours of game play even for the most expert of modded minecraft players. While playing you will encounter bloodmoons spawning hordes of mobs, dungeons with epic loot, and challenges like you've never encountered before.


This Pack has Advanced rocketry with 20 custom dimensions ranging from volcanic hellscapes to frozen lifeless ice worlds to lush worlds


This Pack Contains a Custom Version of Gregtech 5 Unofficial by BloodAsp modified to work in this pack and on spongepowerd servers it has had its ore generation redone to better suit casual players and to be server friendly. Gregtech in this pack is not required for advancement and is completely optional however players who venture into the wondrous world of Gregtech will be rewarded with better material processing and more options for technology


6gb of RAM is recommended for this pack


Or Report any bugs you experience: https://github.com/K1ltu/UnlimitedTech


Also a Shout out to the GT5u guys for letting me redistribute a custom build with fixes to make this pack possible


and a 2nd shout out to asie and unascribed for foam fix took this packs ram usage from 5gb to 2-3gb



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