Enigma Unleashed Warfare

31 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 12, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Modpack Text LogoA modpack created to let players Unleash Warfare in Minecraft! You can destroy your enemies and friends with weapons of the future, past, and present while also making use of Tech, Machines, Fission Reactors, Guns, Helicopters, Jets, Nuclear Bombs, Jetpacks and much more




Modpack Stuff

Just over 100 mods have been combined and tweaked to create one of the greatest modded experiences you will ever have playing OG Java Edition Minecraft.

When you first get into a game, you will notice many changes. Know that you should quickly prepare yourself for the night as mobs will not act like they normally do. Zombies have learned how to build towers to reach you and can also use several types of guns while skeletons have gained accuracy along with boosted armor and bows.

Even some mobs that normally take a beating without attacking you will now retaliate when disturbed. Overall just try to be ready for a fight before messing with anything. You may also run into a few mobs you have never seen before, so be extra cautious wondering around without the appropriate gear ready.
The Overworld also includes several additional biomes, mobs, ores, world gen, tools and weapons to discover. Then when you feel like you are ready to go explore an entirely different dimension, you can head over to The Twilight Forest to find huge dungeons and fight bosses.


Official Server Info
If you think you can handle it, swing over to our multiplayer server to go up against other players that will definitely try to do more harm than anything in singleplayer will.

You can create a faction with friends or take on the entire server alone. Raid everyone you can find and build your base to keep those trying to raid you away.
You can even join PVP battles at the wild warp and soon throughout 3 separate locations built in their own private worlds free of nuclear bombs and other high damage explosives.

If you want to get involved with the community we highly recommend joining our discord server where we host PVP tournaments and other server events.


Core Mod List
* Damage Indicators
* Armor Status HUD
* Status Effect HUD
* Quarry Plus
* Alchemistry
* Apple Skin
* Better FPS
* Biomes O Plenty
* Chicken Chunks
* Chisel
* Classic Combat
* Ender IO
* Energy Converters
* Epic Seige Mod
* Extreme Reactors (Big Reactors Port)
* Flans Mod
* Foam Fix
* ICBM Classic
* Immersive Engineering
* Industrial Craft 2
* Industrial Foregoing
* Inventory Tweaks
* Iron Chest
* Mekanism
* Metallury 4
* Not Enough Items
* Open Blocks
* Open Modular Turrets
* Project Red Base
* Project Red Compat
* Project Red Fabrication
* Project Red Integration
* Project Red Lighting
* Project Red Mechanical
* Project Red World
* RailCraft
* Redstone Arsenal
* Redstone Flux
* Refined Relocation
* Secret Rooms Mod
* Tinkers Construct
* Thermal Dynamics
* Thermal Cultivation
* Thermal Expansion
* Thermal Foundation
* Thermal Innovation
* The Twilight Forest
* Xaeros Minimap


To contact the owner directly about anything related to Unleashed Warfare, its best to send an email over to "deshaun@arcadiax.net"

for the quickest response. You can also leave a comment on here although response times may be longer.

- Deshaun / Dmb7116 / DeshaunMustard


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