UltraDizMilo Modpacks - Grimace Island

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This is a Hardcore Questing Modpack.

UltraDizMilo Modpacks - Grimace Island is a brand new modpack by me, MarshMilo100, with lore by H4anyuuTheSecondPillowpet, and inspiration from zachmarcell1, Kiddizaster, Jessalinesquared, ZeldaZoom, and H4anyuuTheSecondPillowpet :P!


When trapped on a desert island, you start to go crazy and find yourself talking to an inanimate object such as a soccer ball or a quest book, and in this case, the quest book does the talking, and you can't seem to get a word in.

Imagine if you were trapped on a desert island for the rest of your life, and you could only bring one thing. What would it be?
The correct answer is: A QUEST BOOK, YOU DUMMY!


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