Ulandos's Minecraft AVP Universe [Season 4 Edition]

11,654 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Having awoken on an extremely unorthodox planet and seeming to have just had an alien embryo surgically extracted from his chest, Ulandos continues his journey of exploration and struggle against both the new environment’s deadly flora and fauna, and of course, the Yautja Bad Blood clan that has a personal grudge. Just for him...


Cause they’re c**nts.



What is this pack?

This pack is a continuation of the Season 3 AVP Modpack on the technic launcher and is the pack I'll be using for my Season 4 Minecraft AVP Youtube series. It is designed to allow you to play along with Ulandos on an hostile alien world filled with alien creatures.


What's in the pack?

Brand new tech, magic and exploration mods have been added in for an all-new alienesk scifi feel. EnderIO, Astral Sorcery, Immersive Engineering and Advanced Rocketry. As the name suggests the AVP mod is a highlight of the pack so try not to get impregnated via facehuggers or slaughtered by rogue Yautja in your travels..



Extra Info/Credits:

I am using a modified version of the "ODYSSEY: THE SCI-FI RESOURCE PACK" which is what will

change the look of most of my mobs in the series. Due to copyright restrictions I can't re-upload the

modified version of this person's pack. You also need to install Optifine to use this pack which I can also not redistribute.


Thanks to Cybercat5555 for,

1. Editing the resource pack to fit my needs in the series

and 2. Helping me make the S4 Modpack itself. Bugs, help with the curse launcher, mod suggestions & more.


If you encounter any NON-AVP bugs in this pack be sure to tell me in the comments or at https://discord.gg/UtQTucA as that information will help others and myself tremendously.

Any Alien Vs Predator Bugs should be posted to their discord

https://discord.gg/4D6h2F5 . Before doing so check their pinned messages and make sure you're not reporting the same bug, three hundred people before you, already have.


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