Tribes That May Be

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Note this modpack is still under active development.

Tribes That May Be is a (will be) a magical realism and narrative heavy zone trip. You start out with your friends (you aren't travelling alone are you?) in the Block Rock Desert. There are strange things afoot during the day, and even stranger at night. You will need to explore the endless desert via foot, airship, and vehicle in order to be able to find everything you need to survive and, most importantly, have a good time.


This modpack is slightly more difficult than the average in that the thirst (but not body temperature) mechanic from Tough as Nails is used, and you are also stuck in a desert. The experience will be much better with multiple players and game play is designed with that in mind. There is an emphasis on collaborative exploration and building and gameplay is guided in that direction by encouraging players to build up their skillsets in order to make use of various pieces of equipment or things they find in the world.

Access to the normal vanilla dimensions in Minecraft is considered end game, but participants are encouraged to explore benign and eldritch myst ages in order to get a bit of a taste of not being in the desert. Care has been taken to tune the availability of items for a more structured and chill game experience. Emphasis is placed on personalized equipment.



* Not only do you need food but you also need to stay hydrated. The Block Rock Desert is unforgiving.

* Growing food is a bit more complicated because you are in the desert, but you can at least have a greenhouse.

* Explore Myst ages to find resources which may not be available in the desert



Some things just cannot be crafted and you must explore to find them. Things which may be easier to create in other modpacks are gated behind exploration.

* There is quite a bit of lore and art scattered throughout the multiverse, can you find it all?

* Do you know what an anti-chicken is? I don't either, but we are going to find out in a truly abysmal place.



* Throw a party with your friends. Find a nightclub in the desert, or make your own. Spin vinyl or stream radio stations into the Block Rock Desert.

* Responsibly engage in refreshing beverages. After all, you do still need to stay hydrated.