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Inspired by Hades, Dark Souls, and DOOM Eternal, TREPIDATION is a horror modpack that completely transforms Minecraft into a speedrunning action-roguelike game.


You spawn in the Nether and immediately notice there is a timer on your screen ticking down. Battle upwards through terrifying dimensions to the top of the world and kill the Ender Dragon before time runs out.


Each dimension is vertically stacked on top of each other and are unique with their own barriers, progression, mobs, challenges, bosses, and more. Mobs are enhanced with smart and dangerous AI, allowing them to break blocks, pillar upwards, dodge, lunge, and even use special abilities.

The End

The Surface

The Deep Dark

The Erebus

The Nether (spawn)


You are an acrobatic master, letting you sprint faster, dash mid-air multiple times, double jump, and wall climb right off the bat. Use these abilities to traverse great distances, cross lava oceans, or get yourself out of sticky situations.


Experience a next-level combat system, featuring dynamic animations, mechanics and QoL features. Equip yourself with gear sets for unique bonuses, skills, weapons, and trinkets that expand your agility and combat options even further, allowing for a virtually infinite skill ceiling.


This is not for the faint of heart. With horrors ranging from lovecraftian, psychological, paranormal, and more, panic and terror will be your default state. Music, visuals, atmosphere, sounds, terrifying creatures, and more were all heavily changed to be as scary as possible.
This isn't your average horror modpack with dweller mods thrown in. There is a real world and story with unique gameplay that drives tension.


Competition is the heart of TREPIDATION. Use the knowledge you’ve gained from all your deaths and race against the community to compete for the best time. Take part in community-wide challenges with cash prizes, ranging from combat, speed, unorthodox strategies, building, and more.
Join the Discord, discuss strategies, discover new metas, and cement your name as the best runner or world record holder in TREPIDATION.


Traverse through each dimension as you expose the mysteries of TREPIDATION's world and lore to break the curse and discover the world’s supernatural origin.


TREPIDATION contains mature content and themes, some of which may not be suitable for some audiences. These include: Excessive gore/decapitation, realistic arachnids, mentions of self-harm, paranormal themes, jumpscares, and other frightening scenes.
Discretion is advised.




Complementary Shaders (Unbound) is HEAVILY RECOMMDED for the best experience! As of v0.4.2, these shaders bundled and enabled by default. Change profile preset in options to adjust performance.


OptiFine is automatically downloaded and installed when launching the pack.


Allocate 5-6gb of RAM.


Please note, TREPIDATION is in an unfinished state. More content will be added over the course of development.



Enjoy 1.12 and want to see it live on?
Join the 1.12 Modding Coalition Discord server!



🏆 August Nether Tournament 🏆
4D1OSZ (solo) 
Gorenebeda (PvP)




  • Totem of holding
  • Wither model/texture


  • Scrambled magma eggs
  • Deviled egg sandwich


  • Soul Anchor


  • Hanging Netherrack Roots
  • Camo Spider
  • Glowood Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe, and Sword
  • Glowood Logs, Leaves, Planks, Sticks
  • Gloworm
  • Orb of Veilheart
  • Scepter of Infernal Conjuring
  • Infernium Axe, Sword, Shovel, Pickaxe, Bow (and drawn arrow)
  • Infernium Ingot and Ore
  • Veilstrium Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Sword
  • Nether dirt
  • Netherrack Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Sword
  • Quartz Bow
  • Quartz Pickaxe
  • Riftbreaker Crystal
  • Veilstrium Ingot and Ore
  • Withering Infernite Ingot and Pickaxe
  • Grimoire of the Veil


  • Majority of wither arena structure
  • Glowood bookshelf, crafting table, chest, door, ladders, bowl, soup
  • Bug Meat & Cooked Bug Meat