This modpack includes 28 mods that add mythical creatures, animals, fish, dragons, new blocks, and more to make your journey more fun and entertaining.




- Battle against Dragons, Sea Serpents, Sandworms, Cyclopes, and many more dangerous foes.

- Be ready to either tame, farm, or defeat new wild animals and creatures.

- Craft or find new fun weapons and armor to make it easier to defend yourself.

- Random structure spawning, making the world more interesting and fun to explore.

- Trade with strange unknown folk who wander the world.

- Decorate your house with different blocks and decorations for your own viewing pleasure.

- Craft ships to sail across the vast sea to find new lands.

- Search for ingredients to cook delicious food that add to the bland vanilla Minecraft pallet to spice things up a little. 


Go explore, find your new best friend, and fly into the sunset together.