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Hardened RPG Exploration, Character and Gear Progression, Unique Classes with Abilities and Skills. Discover the treasures that lie ahead of you. Designed for RPG Veterans.


BETA SERVER IP: toa.mc-server.pro



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  1. 1.4.0

    Added Mods:

    • Added Corail Tombstone
    • Added Death Finder
    • Added Default Options
    • Added Dynamic Surroundings: Environs
    • Added Extra Golems
    • Added Lava Monsters
    • Added Login Protection
    • Added Melon Golem
    • Added Macaw’s Furniture
    • Added ReAuth
    • Added Useful Hats
    • Added Villager Hats
    • Added Wandering Trapper

    Deleted Mods:

    • Deleted Corpses
    • Deleted Named Areas
    • Deleted FPS Reducer

    Updated Mods:

    • Updated Controlling
    • Updated Dungeon Crawl
    • Updated Energetic Expansion
    • Updated Farlanders
    • Updated Forge Version (to 28.2.0)
    • Updated Minecolonies
    • Updated Paragliders
    • Updated Silent Gems
    • Updated SOLCarrot
    • Updated Structurize


    Dungeon Crawl:

    • Removed drops and added more compatible useable drops from chests and crates in dungeons.  (such as wyrmroost, craft and hunt, and other mods’ tools)
      • Added new loot for swords, axes, pickaxes, armor
      • Added new curses and enchantments for all items
    • Spawn rate of dungeons decreased (.5 -> .33)
    • Size of dungeons decreased (16unites -> 7 units
    • Layers minimum decreased (8 -> 3)
    • Layers maximum decreased (16 -> 7)
    • Increased shield probability (.33 -> .5)
    • Mob Spawn Chance guaranteed (.66 -> 1.0)

    Infernal Mobs:

    • Ender dragons, Elder Guardians, and Withers now always spawn with infernal mob tag

    Mine & Slash:

    • Reduced runed gear drop rate (.9 -> .6)
    • Reduced overall exp multiplier (2 -> 1.0)
    • Halved the weight of common items (30k -> 15k)
    • Lowered Map droprate (1.25 -> .75)
    • Increased Energy/level (0 -> 2.0)
    • Increased Mana/level (0 -> 4.0)
    • Mob Exp Rates decreased (1.33 -> 1.11)
    • Mob level/distance doubled (300 blocks -> 600 blocks)
    • Wither minimum level is 40 and has incredibly boosted stats
      • "minecraft:wither": {
      •       "LOOT_MULTI": 5.0,
      •       "EXP_MULTI": 10.0,
      •       "MIN_RARITY": 4,
      •       "MAX_RARITY": 5,
      •       "MIN_LEVEL": 40,
      •       "MAX_LEVEL": 65,
      •       "LEVEL_MODIFIER": 5,
      •       "DMG_MULTI": 3.33,
      •       "HP_MULTI": 3.33,
      •       "STAT_MULTI": 6.66
    • Ender Dragon minimum level is 65 and has incredibly boosted stats
      • "minecraft:ender_dragon": {
      •       "LOOT_MULTI": 15.0,
      •       "EXP_MULTI": 30.0,
      •       "MIN_RARITY": 5,
      •       "MAX_RARITY": 5,
      •       "MIN_LEVEL": 60,
      •       "MAX_LEVEL": 65,
      •       "LEVEL_MODIFIER": 5,
      •       "DMG_MULTI": 6.66,
      •       "HP_MULTI": 6.66,
      •       "STAT_MULTI": 12.66
    • Increased Maximum player level to 100 (from 50)
    • Lowered xp loss on death (.33 -> .2)


    • Disabled Angel of Vengeance Druid Statue

    Bug Fixes:

    • Farlanders no longer dupe items
    • Tons of Minecolony bug fixes
    • Fixed Corpse Retrieval System
    • Corrupted slimes and wisps no longer spawn in daylight above y level 32


    Long awaited update is here.  We got a couple of minor balance tweaks, but the main ish is the fact that a lot of mods are updated with plenty of bugfixes!  Hooray!


    Added a bunch of cosmetics as well :)


"Greetings, adventurer.  You've wandered far to land here.  Whether or not you're ready for the task does not matter, but you're here now and are curious...  What are The Treasures of Altera?

I'm glad you've asked.

You are the traveler in a foreign, yet familiar, land.  Filled with the mystical and mundane creatures that pop around each corner.  Some friendly, others desiring your blood.  They're powerful, however, so are you.  This land breathes it's life into you, granting you special skills and abilities to assist in your journey.  But beware, as your survival will be important.  Luckily this journey may not be a lonely one!


Create your own kingdom and conquer others in a battle to claim more lands!

Balance your energy and mana as you combat hostile forces lurking around each corner!  

Hone your abilities and skills, from summoning earthquakes on a whim to aiding yourself with helpful curative abilities!

Find treasures underneath the surface guarded by fearsome foe!

Explore strange hidden lands with magical loot and treasures!

And so much more...

Your journey awaits, traveler..."



    • Explore NEW BIOMES filled with new terrain generation.
    • Travel to the Nether and the End for new experiences
    • Extended aquatic features that breathe a new world into blue depths
    • Discover timed maps that take you to realms unseen filled with gear, treasure, and foes alike

 CHARACTER PROGRESSION (Key-bound abilities, attributes, leveling, skills, talent trees, traits, stats & more!)

    • Level up new abilities based on four different classes (Angel of Vengeance)
    • Choose different attributes to specialize your character in (Mine & Slash)
    • Pick different talents on the talent tree to diversify your play style (Mine & Slash)
    • Hone your skills and increase stats throughout your adventure to show off your prowess (ZSkills)


    • Start your adventure spawned into a friendly village
    • Craft a supply camp and begin building your very own kingdom filled with builder, guards, lumberjacks, and more
    • Keep the denizens of your small hamlet or bustling kingdom happy and well fed
    • Wage war upon other kingdoms or see fit for truce and battle the foes that lurk in the darkness together
    • Defend against INVASIONS against your kingdom from the barbarians and pirates that initiate RAIDS upon your land you've built


    • New mobs that range from village guardians to ghastly figures
    • Summon certain mobs that you've conquered in battle as new-found companions
    • Log your battles had with certain foes that you will best in battle
    • Talk to new friendly NPC's from the end that are here to assist in trade
    • Tame and train horses with unique stats and feed them special items to upgrade them


    • Before chopping wood, you must first begin with flint tools.  Harvest gravel or hold pebbles in both hand and right click
    • Hunger is no longer an issue, as food heals you, similar to the classic game "Gauntlet"
    • Balance other survival aspects such as excretion, filth, and sleep
    • Discover brand new ORES to craft your defense with.  Even arm your kingdom with them


    • Bountiful Baubles and many other mods for great accessories compatible with Mine & Slash
    • Tackle new dungeons that are filled with enchanted gear that'll be sure to diversify playstyle
    • Common to Mythic gear rarities that provide incredible attribute and stat bonuses
    • Diablo-like traits that create hard to kill mobs that may reward fantastic loot for you to keep
    • Mobs have rarities and increase in level gaining power according to how far they are from spawn


 This modpack will slightly modify the way you'll first start the game out.  Here are some tips on how to have a successful starting period

Gathering Materials

    • Open up your quest book and the follow through with the quests to start!  Good Luck!



 Treasures of Altera's first upcoming expansion:

Treasures of Altera 2: A New Fate
Prepare yourself for the upcoming sequel to the enigmatic series!

A 1.15.2 modpack that will have a much more customized playing experience featuring 100's of customized lines of scripting, quests, and survival mechanics.  Be prepared for updated Mine and Slash mechanics as well as balancing temperature, thirst, and more!