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Tranquil Tech - Deepslate Edition

The main mods in the pack include:



  • Lightspeed, a mod designed to make loading much faster.
  • Rubidium and it's related add-ons, to help improve in-game speeds by making the way the graphics work more efficient.
  • Saturn, Pluto, and Canary, which are all smaller mods that improve performance, reducing memory and CPU usage, among other things.



  • The Thermal Series, for it's excellent, endless array of useful machines such as the Phytogenic Insulator to grow crops inside a machine and the Multiservo Press, a multi-use machine that can pack and unpack materials such as ice and haybales.
  • Mekanism, which adds an array of machines perfect for automation, which are upgradable to handle 9 items at once as well as upgrades such as speed. Perfect for automation, as this means you can smelt 9 items at once at a speed that puts even Thermal's Redstone furnace to shame. This mod also adds things such as a multi-block energy storage that can hold a ludacris amounts of power, with a nuclear reactor that produces a huge amount of power to match. 
  • Refined storage, a mass-storage mod on par with AE2, albeit with a simplified system that makes it easier to learn, without compromising utility.  This is paired with mods that add more storage disks, including one that allows to the storage of infinite items, though it is quite expensive.



  • The gravestone mod, which makes it so when you die, rather than your items flying everywhere or getting destroyed in lava, a block holds them for you, giving them back when you break it.
  • The FTB library, including FTB Utilities, FTB Chunks, and FTB Ultimine, which offer a suite of benefits including a system for setting a homepoint to be able to teleport back to, a teleport system that allows players to teleport to eachother, and a chunk claiming sytstem that prevents pesky players and creepers from destroying land.
  • And who can forget, Mr. Crayfish's gun mod! From the talented modder behind the beloved Mr. Crayfish's Furnature Mod, comes a gun mod with an equally outstanding level of quallity. The guns fit hand in hand with the tech mods, making it truly feel like you're climbing the totem pole of technological advancement.


Quality of Life

  • Quark, a mod that adds plenty of little things that make the game feel better, such as right clicking any door in a set of two opening both, right clicking to simultaneously harvest and replant crops, and variations in color of different animals such as cows and pigs. It's all about the little things, after all.
  • A set of inventory-related mods that add things such as automatic refilling of items when they break or blocks when they run out, one that allows you to switch between items that share the same crafting recipe while crafting, and a mod that shows you which mod adds the item your mouse is hovering over. 
  • A pairing between two mods that disable auto jump and the annoying "Worlds using Experimental Settings are not supported" prompt whenever you load up one of your worlds 


All these mods culminate in a easy to use, relaxing modded Minecraft experience perfect for beginners and experts alike.