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This modpack will provide you a better vanilla experience and can also be used for pvp servers.


To get the best experience, download OPTIFINE separately (their license doesn't allow me to put it in our modpack.)



✔️ More FPS

✔️ Less server LAG

✔️ HUDs (Time, compass, cordinates, direction)


✔️ Automine, auto swap tool, tool protection, auto fish

✔️ Old versions features

✔️ Camera (for videos / timelapses)

✔️ New gamerules

✔️ Configurable WolrdGen

✔️ Configurable skins

✔️ New mobs configurations

✔️ Much more


How to install?

   Click in Install button (Top-Right)

   Download Optifine 

   Cut and Drag Optifine.jar in mods folder.


Want to have and old pvp experience with No Hit delay between your hits?

Run your Spigot Server, download NoHitDelay Plugin and be happy.


All settings can be change in mods menu, some functions can be activated in controls.


I am not responsible if you are banned.


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