Toastcraft (Breadcraft Modded)

359 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

What is Toastcraft?

Toastcraft is the official modpack for the modded Breadcraft server!

What is Breadcraft?

Breadcraft is a friendly, comfortable, Java/Bedrock edition server with an Earth map, roleplay, and more. Usually, we get around 9 to 12 people on peak hours, and currently we are planning for our modded auxiliary server, Toastcraft. Our server has been around for over an year, has had over 656 unique players join, and has been very active for more than a few months.

How can I join Toastcraft?

Use the address [1.12.2] once you have installed the modpack. Make sure to read the rules at spawn!
What mods are in Toastcraft?

See this Google Doc! Only mods on Curseforge are included- you will have to install Optifine yourself.

Where can I learn more about Toastcraft?

Hop on our Discord to learn more! You can check out our website if you are curious about our Vanilla server.


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