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TNP Limitless 6 - LL6

A continuation of the Limitless modpack series Built on Forge 1.20.1, out now!

A Modpack on Forge 1.19.2

Lead Pack Developer: Gberqz
Official GitHub Link: GitHub.com/TNP-Limitless-6
The latest Changelog can be found here: GitHub.com/TNP-Limitless-6/Changelog

Some pack features inside this spoiler:

(Spoiler doesn't exist if this page is viewed in a modpack launcher.)

Explore a wild world, conquer dungeons, slay bosses, complete the quest book (+ an end game chapter) & much more.
Jump in yourself to experience it all!

( Right now Limitless 6 has roughly 610+ mods & 2380+ quests. )



 Explore the all new 1.19 Wild Update in full within modded minecraft, the best minecraft experience.

 Modlist as of (v1.34.1) : [Link - Click Me!] (Scroll down).



- TNP Team, Gbergz.


It's recommended to allocate at least 6, maybe even 8 gb ram or more to your Minecraft client.
If you have enough ram, allocating 10+ gb will help.

Make sure that the launcher you are currently using is on Java 17. 

 ( Images are clickable attached with links! ) 

  (Note: Video above contains the mod DivineRPG which is not in the modpack by default.)

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The best place to report issues & bugs is on our [ISSUE TRACKER] or in our discord channel, under #support.