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This modpack aims to be small with a few mods.

It's intended for players who enjoy vanilla and want to take an industrial turn, with Tinkers' Construct giving better and varied tools and Create adding a vanilla+ tech experience. The pack also contains tweaks such as IguanaTweaks reborn for a rebalancement of Vanilla. Progressive Bosses for players that want a challenge and some vanilla plus Mods such as Quark and Supplementaries to expand even more on the Vanilla+ side.


This was mostly made to play with friends but after two months I've polished it so much I want to release it.


Some tips:
Vanilla tools are disabled, you must use Tinkers' ones
Create lets you automate anything.
Most structures are overhauled thanks to YUNG's mods

Pressing F6 let you go in free cam mode. (Cheating to find stuff is not advised)

Pressing F7 will show you where mobs can spawn

Pressing V will show you which block you're looking at


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