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Tier of the Witchcraft

   This modpack has a lot of popular magic mods and small ones like Thaumcraft, Astral Sorcery, Bewitchment, Roots II, Evilcraft, ect. The goal of this pack is to explore the magic domain while trying to survive the harshness of the world with the mods Grimoire of Gaia, Ice & Fire, Twilight forest, and so much more. There are several dimensions to explore like the Betweenlands, the Erebus, Katharis, ect. 

   I said that you'd have to survive the harshness of the world due to the fact that several mobs can be dangerous and you should build a house within the first few days of survival. Be careful though, the beginning can be rough due to the fact that PrimalCore is in this pack. I adjusted a lot of mob spawns with the biometweaker mod, so a lot of them are from the dimensions to make the world feel more alive. Primalcore plus the mobs make this extra hard from the vanilla minecraft.

   There are a few tech mods like forestry and refined storage just to add some storage space for the player without having a million chests all over the place.

   There will be an expert mode coming for this pack soon, so keep watch on that! (Part of it is available if you want to try!!!)
   Come to my discord if you have any questions on the pack: https://discord.gg/7SX4pHv


Youtube series:

 Mowmaster's Series


If you would like a server for the pack, please go to this Minecraft Hosting service!

They are wonderful people who care about your experience!