A Modpack for da Boys. 

Our aim for this modpack is to have a unique expirance for every kind of player. The goal is for Friend groups to be able to play together, being that we are all people we all have diffrent goals and reasons for playing modded Minecraft. We hope with this modpack to check off all the boxs for all diffrent types of players. Main points of this modpack.

1. Base building and design
2. Expolration
3. Technology 
4. Fighting
5. Machinery
6. Farming


Primary mods for this pack consist of Create and most addons, Biomes O Plenty, Chisels, Botany (series), Create Armory, Decrotive Blocks, End Remastered, Just Enough Item, Minecolonies, And Many More.

With all these mods combined into this custome pack we hope to meet the expectations of every user, through the diffrent routes avalble to you through our modpack. 

Thank you for your considerations