TheEvent580 Season 1 Modpack

Welcome to the Curseforge page for TheEvent580's modpack. 

On this page, you will be able to get every infos about the modpack, what mods are added and removed every time it gets updated !

How does the updates works (name & updates)

How is named a modpack update ?

The modpack update is named in the following way : vX.Y.Z - v stands for "version", this will never change - X is the Season of the Event related to the modpack (Season 1 = X is 1, Season 2 = X is 2, ect.) - Y is the Episode of the Event related to the modpack (Episode 1 = Y is 1, Episode 2 = Y is 2, ect.) - Z are for updates within the same Episode modpack

So for example, v1.2.1 means Modpack for Season 1, Episode 2, Modpack Update n°1

When does the modpack gets updated ?

The modpack will be updated inbetween Episodes, and the participants will be notified about it every times it get updated.

TheEvent580 Season 1 • Episode 2 Mods

As of May 19th, 2023, there are 9 mods in the modpack.

External mods (not in the modpack but needs to be added)