The Ultimate Modpack

38,547 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 29, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10


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Be sure to give RETSGNAS your thanks as he/she was the one who discovered the issue that was preventing most of you from loading up a world. He/She is the reason why this pack works. Truly I cannot give enough thanks. Also, a big thank you  to TeamRocket_Steve for being the alpha and beta tester for the pack before it was released, and for having to deal with me during that time. Also there is Big thanks to stormjet640 for reminding me about Metallurgy.


This modpack should suit everyone's need in single player and multiplayer. I truly hope that everyone will enjoy this pack, as I will continue to update it when I can. Mods included are everything from magic-based to tech-based, as well as everything in between. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments section. I have spent many hours on this pack and I hope you enjoy.


Note: If you plan to do a Let's Play of this mod pack, please leave a comment and send a private message to me. You do not need to receive a response as long as you have messaged me. This is just so I can check out your channel and possibly feature you in the description of this modpack. Thanks, Robospot


To the Mod Creators, thank you for taking your time to create these awesome mods in this modpack. There are about 210+ mods in this modpack and because of this there is a chance that I forgot to do something to satisfy your terms of use. If I did please do not report the mod pack but instead just leave a comment and send a private message to me so I may quickly solve the problem. If any mod maker wishes for me to remove the mod from the pack then please send me a PM and I will remove the mod as soon as possible. Thanks Mod Creators and please keep up the good work, Robospot


The Mods in this pack are as follows:


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