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878 Downloads Last Updated: May 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Please be aware that this pack is still being developed. It is nowhere near complete but it is stable. If you choose to still give it a try feel free to leave feedback in the comments section! We would love to know what you are looking for and what changes/edits you would like to see. :)


If you experience any type of error, glitch, or bug let us know so we can work on getting that sorted out. Our overall goal is to provide the most stable experience we can! 


- Quests are not currently available. These take quite a bit of time. -


v0.0.3: Disabled the GooglyEyes mod due to periodic crashing. - 9/20

v0.0.2: Fixed crash issue concerning the MRF milk bucket - 9/19



Embark on an adventure to explore the ruins scattered around the world and set up a colony of your own.  With many planets to explore and a few surprises along the way, you should find there's plenty to do. With the quest book as your guide, explore the overworld, then take to the skies and become the ruler of the universe, or settle down on earth and become king of the villagers; the choice is yours.


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