the Swarm and it's Magic

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the Swarm and it's Magic is a modpack composed of FIFTY mods that enhance gameplay with Scape & Run: Parasites.

With both future-tech and magic, can you stop the planet from succumbing to the parasitic swarm?

Choose many different... Well, they're not classes- PATHS! Yes, paths to fight the swarm.


Exploit the features of the Botania mod to grow your arsenal with the power of ancient artifacts and flowers! Your garden is your ultimate weapon, with many ways to expand upon your arsenal!


research, research, theory, BREAKTHROUGH! The science of magic is known as Thaumaturgy, and YOU are the one to study it! Use your knowledge of Essentia and Vis to manipulate the world around you to fortify against the coming dark!


This is literally the gun artificer stereotype without the chainsa- oh wait no we have a chainsaw cannon. Nevermind. Use powerful ranged weapons to keep the Parasitic Scum away from you at all times!


The heart of your smeltery is not the lava, but you. Forge powerful weapons for you and those around you with the materials that you can muster, and all parasites shall bow to your might!


Mastery over the more... Technical side of things is a solid defense. But what you can do once you get enough power for your machines... God Save whatever might be in your path. Unless of course it's a parasite.


Mechs, planes, tanks, cars, the whole shabang. Throw together a vehicle, slap guns on it, works extremely well. But it's not just some mechanical knowledge that gets you here, no siree. Fight the parasites with an effective arsenal of guns and military gear everyone can benefit from.

Overwhelmed? Someone skilled in PVE or PVP should be able to help! Maximizing damage and evasion to try and get away from the opponent is life-saving, especially with an encroaching horde on the way.


Want an easier difficulty, where your health increases with various foods explored? Or tough as nails difficulty where you keep track of the temperature and thirst of yourself, and the Parasites are smarter?


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