The Suspect's Journey is a Story-driven Quest-Modpack



On the way to Venus, your spaceship was infiltrated by an Alien. 

During the search for the Imposter, you were suspected.


The majority of the crew voted against you.

Promptly, you were blown out into space through the airlock 


Unfortunately, you were not the Imposter. 


Drifting in space, you managed to reach an abandoned Space Station.


Here begins your journey:

Find a way back to Earth.

From there, prepare for a journey to Venus, find the spaceship and defeat the Imposter




Yes. You are stating in Space: In the Ad Astra Earth Orbit on an abandoned Space Station.


Complete Quests through 3 Stages


This Modpack focuses on Mekanism, Create and Ad Astra


About 180 mods, including:


  • Overhauled Worldgeneration
  • Tech Mods
  • New Structures and Biomes
  • MineColonies and MCA Reborn
  • QoL Mods
  • Performance Mods and Shader Support