The Society - Transportcraft

11,405 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

This project is no longer maintained. You can find both client and server sources from here:


Transportcraft is a successor to your older modpack/server: Traincraft, which was a modpack based about trains using Traincraft mod. However once we reached Traincraft 4 we decided to expand into more transportation types and renamed the pack into Transportcraft.


This pack & server intends to focus on transportation, industrialization & surviving in teams that form settlements.‚Äč The mods that are helping to achieve our transportation goals are:
- Trains (Immersive Railroading)

- Cars, planes, trucks & more (Transport Simulator)

- Ships & airships (Davinci's Vessels -Removed due it being too buggy


Of course with only those, the game would be boring. We have also included mayor mods like TeamCofh mods, Immersive Engineering, Chisel, Extra Utilities, Chisel, Iron Chests, Refined Storage, Storage Drawers, OpenComputers , Tinkers Construct & more.

Our server is whitelisted! To apply for whitelist visit our discord:


This modpack is developed for The Society server. We won't be providing support for any other servers.


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