The Snow & Lotus Do-It-All Pack

138 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Yes. It has everything. Tech mods. Building mods. Magic mods. Farming mods. Storage mods. Dungeon Mods. World Gen Mods. We threw everything you need in here. Go out and enjoy the world. 


Warning! This is a demanding pack. For best results, play with 8GB or more, using Shadow of Fire's Java Settings


Inspired by 7 Days to Die, Factorio, and their modding communities. The world is far more dangerous, and the creatures in the night are ravenous for you. Obtain shelter as soon as possible. Build defenses. The hordes will at your door every tenth day. They grow in power. Even stronger horrors lay in wait. But so too, do you have means and power at your disposal. Improve yourself with Spice of Life, Astral Sorcery, Improvable Skills 3. Build your base with MineColony, Chisel, Chisel & Bits, Architecture Craft, and Block Craftery. Fill it with stuff using Simple Storage Network, Drawers, Barrels, and Refined Storage. Defend what's yours with traps and turrets and guardsmen. Fight back with ElectroBlob's Wizardry, Techguns, or painstakingly designed Tinker's arms and armor. And then take the fight into their caves and dungeons and take compensation from their coffers. And then? Go home and feast with Pam's, XL Food, and Rustic! And prepare for the next wave...


Pack is entering "BETA" stage. Modlist is more or less finalized, barring large conflicts or crashes. Configs are starting to come into shape, but still need heavy edits.


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