The Pursuit of Memories

The Pursuit of Memories is a modpack for 1.12.2 Minecraft that attempts to tell a story of the player having already experienced this world many times. The player must remember how they have thrived and grown before and set out to do so again and improve upon their designs of the past.

Currently this pack is centered around a hardcore questing mode book that for now only has introductions to every mod included, but it may grow in the future, just like the player's quest. The mod scaling health provides challenging mobs and encourages the player to prepare before setting out to explore.

Hardcore questing mode decided to bug out on me and crash every single time I tried to close the book so it's gone now. Eventually going to learn how to use BQM and make it that way, but for now the upload doesn't have the book in it.
Also, scaling health was removed to make the players not die from all the non-vanilla mobs.


Update: Seems like Hardcore questing mode is working again, I'll get on to finishing this soon once school slows down, accidentally pushed an update that has the incomplete book.

Update: I'm building a pack for 1.16.4, I have no idea if there are any issues with mod compatibility or stability and don't plan on adding quests any time soon but I'll throw my builds here.


Apparently this is popular now.