THE POG SMP is now on 1.19.2! 1.18.2 will no longer be supported.


THE POG SMP started out as a 1.18.2 modpack meant for my private SMP server with the goal of making Minecraft’s later version more interesting while still keeping true to a more vanilla like gameplay. This modpack is meant to be light and introduces elements of technology, exploration, building, pvp and lots of food for a server to fulfill a need to a new experience. This modpack is still very new and lacks some polish but will be updated regularly as my friends and I experience the world of modding together.

The overarching agenda of this modpack is to allow full automation and interesting mechanics through quality-of-life mods to create a more enjoyable and fresh experience in a multiplayer world while still maintaining a decent frame rate!


Here are just some of the mods included in the mods included:




Thermal expansion + additions
Twilight Forest
Open blocks elevators
Open parties
Nether portal fixes
Mystical agriculture
Moog's structures
Mod grinding util
Mu enchantments
Item collectors
Industrial foregoing
Ex nihilo + additions
Enchanted spawners
Easy villagers + piglins
Dungeons plus
Domum ornamentum
Deeper and darker dimension
Crafting tweaks
Chat heads
Building gadgets
Botany trees+pots
Better f3
Bag of holding
Attribute fix
Applied mekanistics
Applied energistics 2 + wireless
Akashic tome
Mekanism + generators
Trash cans + trash slots
Explorers compass
Elytra slot





Recommendations, bug reports, and tips of any kind are all welcome and appreciated. Please help me help you to create a wonderful Minecraft experience.


NOTE: This modpack is created for 1.19.2 using forge and will be updated and adjusted as time goes on.