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The Pokemon Railway Project

Have you wished for a Pokemon game that touches on mature topics while maintaining it's joyful nature?

This modpack/server combo look to bring just that, with the jazzy spice of 1920's America! 



This modpack contains many mods to allow for a vast array of experiences!

You can explore the many biomes and catch a variety of strange pokemon, filling the pokedex with friends :)
You can build your team to compete in regularly scheduled Gen 8 National Dex competitive tournaments!
You can explore the wonders of create, and build your own factory to automatically generate pokeballs!
You can even ignore everything else and build beautiful creations with infinite creativity using the many furniture mods, Oh The Biomes You'll Go, and Chisel!


The server is not ready yet, though it is expected to be ready in September at the latest :)


Server Lore

Journey to the new region, Eusinia, where people flee to escape a totalitarian government run by the strongest trainers in the lands, The Elite 4 and the Champion.

Often shortened to The Elite, they claim to speak to Arceus itself and their words are those of the god of Pokemon. The laws are very restrictive, even forcing citizens to spy on each other to ensure no one falls out of line. The greater population would never question the Word of Arceus as told by The Elite. It will take far more might, far more charisma, and far more courage than anyone can muster to defeat The Elite and change the minds of the people. Would you rather live a quiet yet sad life, slowly rotting away while knowing that there was a chance you could have changed everything?