The M&M's Pack

350 Downloads Last Updated: May 4, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

NOTE: This modpack does NOT include real M&M's... Use at your own risk... lol


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Welcome to: The M&M's Pack!

This modpack was built to make you try and explore all of the different aspects to it.

It features tech mods, questing (Still WIP), combat mods and more.

The name of this modpack is the acronyms of the creators' names.

If you want this to be a better modpack, you can add your own ideas by using this link.

I wanted to build this modpack so I can play with my friends, but you can use it freely too.

For usage, copyright and license, go in this link.

Mod list:

The part above was entirely for permissions, but you can also use it.

All of the mods in this modpack are hosted in the curse/curseforge.

I will be releasing random updates until v1.0!


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