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some recipes are more impossible than hard, i have to revisit a major part of it! 


This modpack is not a skyfactory, but it does have a skyfactory map in the multiple default maps


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Il pack crea un atmosfera difficile grazie ad "alcune"  modifiche a mob, crafting e generazione del mondo,

per un esperienza (quasi) interamente cambiata.

ci saranno vari aggiornamenti per aggiungere le quest al quest book

alcune modifiche?

mob AI potenziata

crafting modificati per maggiore complessità

config editati per maggiore (ma non totale) integrazione tra mod

generazione mondo modificata(WIP)

e altre!



The pack creates a difficult atmosphere thanks to "some" changes to mob, crafting and the generation of the world,

For an experience (almost) entirely changed.

There will be various updates to add the quests to the questbook

some modifications?

Enhanced mob AI

crafting modified for greater complexity

Config edited for major (but not total) integration between mods

Custom world generation(WIP)

and others!


Big thanks to the playtesters SciacalliTV!


IMPORTANT!!!! if a recipe is missing try /reload! in most case this resolve the problem!

If you encounter errors and bugs, please report them on the issues page


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