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Get ready for a better immersion in the wondrous world of Minecraft, with a lot of spices added to it! Aim for a whole new goal : Dive into different and diverse biomes and dimensions, fight more troublesome and menacing foes with an amazing set of weapons, artifacts, armors (or even magic if you'd like!) in order to gather 16 unique Ender Eyes and slay the Ender Dragon (who is more ferocious thanks to the Savage Ender Dragon mod) and multiple other side objectives. But beware, explore at your own risks and perils...

Because sometimes, you will feel like something is chasing you...





Features : 


The End of a Tale is an exploration based modpack that focuses around the End Remastered mod but it also has many side objectives. With Over 150+ mods, multiple biomes and dimensions, and dozens of new dungeons to delve and loot, The End of a Tale improves the experience and makes it better and funnier. Find new better equipment, relics or trinkets, build and decorate your base and go exploring to find a lot of new interesting stuff!  Everyone can find something for themselves in this modpack.


This modpack encourages many different playstyles, such as: 


  • Questing : A lot of custom quests with different rewards.
  • Exploration : A lot of new biomes, structures, dungeons and dimensions.
  • Base building : Tons of new construction blocks and decorations (or make building easier with Prefab!)
  • Farming : New crops and food!
  • Basic technology contraptions :  Create !
  • And magic thanks to Ars nouveau and Enigmatic Legacy!


 Essential elements of the pack :


                 đź©¸ Adventure :

  • Gain various benefits such as increased health, damage and others.
  • Large amount of new hostile and ambient mobs who make the world alive and challenging.
  • Receive valuable rewards thanks to the custom quests.
  • Find new different trinketscuriosrelics and artifacts with different abilities and rarities.
  • Random modifiers and rarities for tools, weapons, armor and even mobs!
  • Tons of new unique enchantments, new ways of getting them and level them up.
  • Magic: Be a powerful mage with the Ars Nouveau mod.


                 đź—şď¸Ź Exploration : 

  • New dimensions: Twilight Forest, Everbright, Everdawn.
  • New biomes!
  • New crops and trees for every biome.
  • Improved lunar events: Blood, Blue and Harvest Moon.
  • Multiple new dungeons, world structures and more interesting villages.
  • New additions to illagers.
  • Overhauled mineshaft, dungeons, caves and other vanilla structures.
  • Trade with a cartographer in order to get the Lost Castle (or the stronghold) map, where the End Portal is located.



In order to access the End through the End Portal, one must find at least 12 out of the 16 unique eyes present in this modpack. Travel and explore across the multiple lands, biomes and dimensions, slay multiple enemies, and find the portal in order to butcher the ruler of the End.


       - For more info on how to find the eyes, click the spoiler tag below.

  • Old Eye : Found in a biome where the sand reigns, The Desert. Specifically in Desert Pyramids.
  • Nether Eye : Just like its name states, this eye is found deep in a Fortress located inside a crimson red dimension.
  • Cold Eye : Found in dome shaped huts built from snow, in a biome where winter never ends.
  • Rogue Eye : Found in rocky temples located in a wild and tropical land overgrown with dense vegetation : The Jungle.
  • Black Eye : Found in buried treasures that pirates always sought. Some of them left maps of their location after their ships have sunk deep down in the ocean.
  • Magical Eye : Dropped by menacing spell-casting illagers found in woodland mansions and raids : Evokers.
  • Lost Eye : Found deep underground, in abandoned mining tunnels, Mineshafts. But do not stay too long in them, rumors say that those who do start to notice a ghostly ethereal figure stalking the halls of these deserted structures.
  • Corrupted Eye : Found in large wooden lookout towers inhabited by pillagers, Pillager Outposts.
  • Wither Eye : Dropped by a floating, dangerous three-headed skeletal that attempts to destroy every living thing in the vicinity, The Wither.
  • Guardian Eye : Dropped by a large grumpy mob with a spiky body that inhabits Ocean Monuments, The Elder Guardian. Stay cautious of its ancient laser beam!
  • Witch Eye : Crafted using the pupil of a woman who sometimes can be found in swamp huts or behind you at night, the Witch.
  • Cursed Eye : Found inside castle-like structures called bastions in the same crimson red dimension, Piglins swore to protect it at the cost of their lives.
  • Exotic Eye : Craft it using aquatic items. But just to warn you, those who followed this eye were never seen again. Rumors say they found the great city of Atlantis, or lost their way trying.
  • Evil Eye : Buy it from a master level cleric found in villages.
  • Undead Eye : An eye that can be crafted using the undead soul received from killing a poor skeleton horse. How horrible can you be?
  • Cryptic Eye : Small chance of getting it while enchanting.