The Crazy Modpack

7,668 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.1

File Details

Filename Crazy
Uploaded by thebody1403
Uploaded Aug 23, 2017
Game Version 1.12.1
Size 2.25 MB
Downloads 99
MD5 480d5d8e50137bdf8daca4b6ffc17998
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Changelog 0.1-1.12.1 - DISCLAIMER THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM 1.12


Added Mods:

-Open Computers
-Industrialcraft 2
-TInker IO
-Immersive Engineering
-Draconic Evolution
-Tinker's Construct
-Extra Bit Manipulation
-Pam's Harvestcraft
-Applied Energistics 2
-Integrated Dynamics
-RF Tools
-Hammer Core
-Actually Additions
-Tech Reborn
-Steve's Carts
-Random Things
-bd library
-Thermal Foundation
-Thermal Expansion
-Refined Storage
-RF Tools Dimensions
-Advanced Generators
-Project E
-Pressure Pipes
-Iron Chest
-Deep Resonance
-Immersive Petroleum
-Elec Core
-Cyclops Core
-FTB Library
-Thermal Dynamics
-Chisel and Bits
-CoFH Core
-Code Chicken Library
-Integrated Dynamics
-FTB Utilities
-Storage Drawers
-RF Tools Controls
-Environmental Tech
-Tiny Progressions
-Reborn Core
-Refined Relocation
-Just Enough Items
-Cooking for Blockheads
-Brandons Core
-Industrial Wires
-Fancy Fluid Storage
-CoFH World
-Mekanism Generators
-Better Chat
-Mcjty Library
-Chest Transporter
-The One Probe
-Inventory Tweaks
-Valkyrie Library
-Lost Cities
-Redstone Arsenal
-Just Enough Resources
-Aroma1997 Core
-Connected Textures Mod
-Ore Excavation
-Not Enough Wands
-Custom Main Menu
-Quantum Storage
-Mekanism Tools
-Energy Converters
-The One Probe Addons
-Tinker's Complement
-Open Glider
-Aroma Backup
-In Control
-Useful Nullifiers
-Simple Sponge
-Common Capalities
-RF Lux
-Moar Tinker's
-Thermal Cultivation
-Reborn Storage
-Item Scroller
-Tinker's Addons
-Aroma1997's Dimensional World
-Gravel Ores
-Lapis stays in the Enchanting Table
-Redstone Flux
-Wither Skeleton Tweaks
-Klee Slabs
-Refined Storage Addons
-Swing Through Grass
-Ranged Pump
-Simple Void World
-Fullscreen Windowed
-Bed Bugs
-Clay Bucket
-JEI Integration
-Resource Loader
-Mod Name Tooltop
-Nether Portal Fix
-Quick Leaf Decay
-Bad Wither No Cookie Reloaded
-Compass Coords
-Better Bedrock Generator

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