Welcome to "The Chickens" mod pack, a Minecraft gaming experience centered around technology and versatility.

This mod pack is designed to provide a varied and feature-rich gaming experience. It includes a selection of technological mods to help you automate and enhance your gameplay, as well as quality of life mods for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Notable mods in The Chickens include:

With these mods, you can automate your resource collection processes, store and sort items efficiently, and customize your tools and weapons to better match your gameplay style. Additionally, The Chickens offers quality of life features such as graphical improvements, customization options, and much more.

In summary, The Chickens is a versatile and technology-focused mod pack designed to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience. Enjoy your technological adventure in Minecraft with The Chickens.
mode : 

  • Applied Energistics 2 by algorithmx2
  • Baritone AI pathfinder by swaix01
  • Brandon's Core by brandon3055
  • Botania by vazkii
  • Clarity | Pixel Perfection [32x] by sctester
  • CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ by covers1624
  • CoFH Core by teamcofh
  • Create by simibubi
  • Create Crafts & Additions by mrhminer
  • Create Train Additions by ma_do_15
  • Create: Electric Trains by pancake_01_
  • Create: Modern Train Parts by dugske
  • Draconic Additions by foxmcloud5655
  • Draconic Evolution by brandon3055
  • Enhanced Boss Bars by nahu_xdd
  • Excalibur by maffhew
  • Flywheel by jozufozu
  • Framework by mrcrayfish
  • GeckoLib by thanosgecko
  • Hammer Lib by zeitheron
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz
  • Litematica by masady
  • Mekanism by bradyaidanc
  • Mekanism Generators by bradyaidanc
  • Mekanism Tools by bradyaidanc
  • Mo' Guns by bomb787
  • Mouse Tweaks by yalter
  • MrCrayfish's Gun Mod by mrcrayfish
  • Patchouli by vazkii
  • Repurposed Structures - Better Ocean Monuments Compat Datapack by telepathicgrunt
  • Solar Flux Reborn by zeitheron
  • Stay True by haimcyfly
  • Storage Drawers by texelsaur
  • Structuralize by h3lay
  • Thermal Foundation by teamcofh
  • WatchDog Anti Cheat by maxish0t
  • WorldEdit by sk89q
  • Xaero's Minimap by xaero96
  • Xaero's World Map by xaero96
  • ZeroCore 2 by zeronoryouki