The Ceramist [Discontinued]

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⚙️ A 1.15.2 Minecraft Modpack ⚙️



Warning! Modpack still under construction! For any problem, bug or even any advice, enter our Discord


Have you ever thought that in Minecraft there were so many items that were not exploited to the fullest?

Let's take clay as an example: it is only used to make bricks, pots and other small insignificant things.
Well, I wanted to turn clay into something that no one has ever seen ... A modpack based only on clay.
You will think it's stupid as a thing, but what if I told you that starting from a world made entirely of clay, without minerals and without vegetation, you can create a diamond?
And that's how I present The Ceramist, the first modpack ever created based only on clay!

How does it work?

➤ You will be spawned underground in a world made only of clay, with no minerals, lakes, vegetation or even trees.

➤ The only exceptions are: the presence of Mineshaft and Stronghold and that at the last level of the world there is an infinite lava land.
➤ With the help of the mods included in the game and in the quest book you will be able to progress through the game.
➤ If special missions are completed, you will receive rewards in return
Resources not obtainable in the main world can be obtained in a particular dimension: the Clay Realm



What does this Modpack have more than others?
➤ Mods carefully chosen to allow fun and smooth gameplay without crashes and bugs
➤ Game optimized to allow players to enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest
➤ Mods created by us such as the More Clay Mod ( and the ClayCoins
➤ Possibility to ask or create custom worlds without always having the worlds in "Default" mode modified by the creators of the Mods
➤ And more!


So what are you waiting for? Download the modpack now!

This Modpack needs a custom world to work.
You may wonder why... we did this to allow players to play however they want, even in a classic world (Not recommended!)

To play the modpack instead, you need to download the map on purpose.
(You can find the link to download the map on the Discord server)

🔔 In the modpack there are already 3 worlds to start playing immediately 🔔




External Mods:
ClayCoinsModByTeoxex.jar = Mod Created by TeoxexYT

MoreClayModByTeoxex_1.15.2.jar = Mod Created by TeoxexYT












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