The Breath of Fresh

Breath Air

In the land of Aranthia, a powerful dragon has been awakened from its slumber. It unleashes chaos upon the kingdom, leaving destruction and terror in its wake. The only hope for Aranthia is a young mage named Eira, who possesses a rare gift for magic.

Eira embarks on a dangerous quest to master her magic and face the dragon in combat. Along the way, she discovers ancient spells and improves her combat skills, all while racing against time to save her kingdom from the dragon's wrath.

As Eira approaches the dragon's lair, she realizes that the creature is not just a mindless beast, but a sentient being with its own motivations. Eira must use all her wits and newfound powers to outsmart the dragon and prevent a war that could engulf the entire realm.

The final battle between Eira and the dragon is a breathtaking spectacle, with magic and improved combat techniques colliding in an epic struggle for the fate of Aranthia. Who will emerge victorious: the dragon or the mage? The answer lies in the heart-pounding climax of this thrilling tale of magic, bravery, and the power of the human spirit.

-Download the CSL file if you aren't using TL Legacy
-Download the none CSL file if you are using TL Legacy