The BootHill: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge

43 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 12, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.1

The Gist

This pack is the BootHill's own, designed for trying out new mods and allowing the server to move onward, into the future.

The BootHill is a server focused on community and novelty, and this pack is designed to provide a space for the server to grow and evolve, changing mods while maintaining the same world and framework.


The Meat

This pack includes three main categories of mods, each focused on a different facet of the game. Currently, the mods are a bit top-heavy, mostly due to a lack of tech and magic in this version, but as new mods are made, this pack will grow.


Vanilla Enhancement

Absent by Design - This adds blocks and models which are missing from the base game, to make building more interesting and provide more options when creating.

Apotheosis - Enchantments, Potions, and more to add to vanilla.

Aquaculture 2 - A collection of fish, new ores, and a bit more to do at the waterfront.

Armor Toughness Bar - A basic graphic utility for showing off armor toughness.

Infernal Mobs - Adds more variety when fighting enemies.

AttributeFix - Just a patch to resolve issues with attributes in vanilla.

Bad Wither No Cookie - Quiets the wither a bit, the whole server doesn't need to hear.

BiomeInfo - Just shows the current biome, handy for finding ores and mobs.

Biomes O' Plenty - Adds more biomes, here to spice the world up a bit.

Blur - Minor improvement to menus, adds a blur effect.

ChunkNoGoByeBye - Chunk loaders, because who doesn't love those (grumble).

Compressed Items -  Adds compressed variants of items, so you can store more things in blocks.

Controlling - Adds a search bar to the control menu.

Crafting Station - Tinkers' Crafting Station, simple and handy.

Cursed Earth - Adds an easier way to spawn mobs.

DeathQuotes - Amusing quotes, to ease the burn a bit.

Dungeon Crawl - Explore more, get some loot.

Earths Animals - Adds mushroom chickens and flower cows. Fun!

Enchanted Wolves - Help your wolves help you with enchanted, powered-up collars.

Fast Leaf Decay - What it says on the tin.

FPS Reducer - Ease the burden a bit when tabbed out.

Gardening Tools - A helping had farming.

GraveStone Mod - Stop the suck when your death items despawn.

Light Overlay - Love descriptive titles? This is the mod for you!

Ma Enchants - A new set of enchantments, just a bit of fun.

Ma Essentials - Helpful Utilities for a server, like homes and /back.

Macaw's Bridges - Rope bridges, neat looking and thematically relevant.

Morpheus - Sleep more, worry less.

Mouse Tweaks - Handier handling with items.

NBT Tooltips - A useful bit of debugging, tooltips that show off Item NBT Tooltips.

No Default Auto-Jump - Because who leaves it on anyways?

OpenBlocks Elevator - Jump to go up, crouch to go down.

Ore Excavation - Enigmatica has spoiled us.

PreGenForge - PreGen when nobody is on, to save a bit of time later.

Random Bone Meal Flowers - Get Random Flowers when using Bonemeal.

Ray's Dongles - Handy dongles for when you need one.

Reap Mod - Right click to harvest, simple as that.

ReAuth - Feel free to leave the game open, you can log back in super-quick.

Ring of Attraction - A magnet, for items.

Ruins - Used to generate structures in the world.

Seals - Titles, to show off a bit.

Serene Seasons - A bit of flair, the world changes color over the days.

Server Tab Info - More info on the server tab.

Sit - Sit on slabs and stairs.

Spike Traps - Trap things with spikes!

SurvivalPlus - More things for survival mode.

Torchmaster - Keep mobs away with a bigger torch.

Traveller's Boots - Go faster.

Waddles - Very cute!

XL Food Mod - I hope you're hungry.



Blue Power - Adds some of the Bluelectric machines from RedPower 2, and a way to circumvent fuel use.

Mekanism - More technology to play with, and something to use this RF and stuff for.

Simple Storage Network - A handier way to store items, since we don't quite have Applied Energistics yet.

Solar Generation - Generate power, the clean way.



Forbidden and Arcanus - Magic Trinkets and fun tools to play with.


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