The Pack Formerly Known as "The Boothill: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge"

526 Downloads Last Updated: May 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2  

The Gist

This pack is the BootHill's own, designed for trying out new mods and allowing the server to move onward, into the future.

The BootHill is a server focused on community and novelty, and this pack is designed to provide a space for the server to grow and evolve, changing mods while maintaining the same world and framework.


The Server

We have a Discord server with open applications at This pack is not currently being run.


The Mods

Absent by Design - This adds blocks and models which are missing from the base game, to make building more interesting and provide more options when creating.

Aquaculture 2 - A collection of fish, new ores, and a bit more to do at the waterfront.

BeeSourceful - Bees making the things we use! Truly we live in the future!

Blue Power - Machines, made for your convenience. A continuation of RP2's Blutricity system.

Bonsai Trees 2 - Save space, microgardens are the way of the future.

Campfire Torches - Miners hate him! Learn this one easy trick to cheaper torches.

CC: Tweaked - ComputerCraft, brought into a modern era.

Compact - For when things take up too much space.

Controlling - Less fiddling, more playing. Conveniences in the controls menu.

Crafting Tweaks - Continued conveniences catered to crafting. Adds more ways to manipulate the crafting menu.

CraftPresence - Show your friends how cool The Boothill is! Adds a tag to discord telling people what you're playing.

Doggy Talents - Better dogs.

Flux - Machines powered by Forge Energy. Electrifying!

Forbidden and Arcanus - The best toys are the ones you were never meant to have. Toy with reality with this magic mod.

Industrial Foregoing - A modern classic, for your magic one-block machine needs.

Inventory Sorter - You can guess.

JANOEO - Nether and End Ores. For when you need ores, but don't want to stay in the Overworld.

JEI - The most useful mod, a crafting guide! How else are you supposed to remember all these recipes?

KleeSlabs - Break slabs the way you placed them: one slab at a time.

KubeJS - For custom content. Trust me, we're going places.

Light Overlay - Helps you see those pesky mob spawns.

Macaw's Bridges - They just look nice.

Macaw's Roofs - Like bridges for the top of your house.

Mekanism - Loads of fun, light on balance.

Metal Barrels - For stuffing your... stuff. into.

Minecolonies - Dudes do your bidding, what more could a man want?

More Charcoal - For the pyromaniac in you, you can burn more things down to charcoal.

Morpheus - Sleep tight.

Mouse Tweaks - Handy to have, adds mouse-related conveniences.

NetherPortalFix - Actually come out the portal you went in for once.

OpenBlocks Elevator - Up and Down, now in 16 colors!

Portality - Portals for getting places.

ReAuth - Sign back in without restarting the game.

Refined Relocation 2 - Everything has its place, this helps you get it there.

Silent's Gems - Tools made of gems. Keep one tool the whole game!

Silent's Mechanisms - A tech mod for the modern age. Sleek and effective.

Speedy Ladders - See tin.

Spice of Life: Carrot Edition - The delightful younger brother to SoL that still wants you to eat right but doesn't hate you.

SwingThroughGrass - Don't break grass with your sword.

The One Probe - What am I looking at?

Time Travel Mod - Check out the Wild Wild West,

Waddles - Penguins!

XL Food - Hope you're hungry.


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