The Blurver

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Welcome to the Blurver logo

This pack is intended to allow you to upgrade from a FTB Ultimate Anniversary 1.2.0 world. This is still a modified kitchen-sink style pack, with the ability to allow me to add custom mods requested by my server's community.


Limited whitelist applications are available for this server. More information can be found here.


What is the Blurver?

This is my server, which originated as a FTB Ultimate Anniversary world, but to which updates and additions have been added.


In terms of the pack, this is based on FTB Ultimate Anniversary 1.2.0, with the following changes:


The following have been removed:

  • RetroExchange
  • Tesseract
  • FTB Janitor, FTB Auxilium, and any FTB launcher assist mods


The following have been added:

  • Alchemistry
  • Blood Magic
  • Botania
  • Building Gadgets
  • Dynamic Surroundings
  • Eidolon
  • Origins [Forge]
  • PneumaticCraft: Repressurized
  • Portality
  • Tome of Blood


Various config options have been changed, and recipes will continue to be updated as the pack continues on.


Why Blurver?

I am Blur, this is my Server. I am a big fan of portmanteaus.


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