Thaumic Renaissance

1,277 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

What is Thaumic Renaissance?

This is the server pack for the Thaumic Renaissance server, and features a wide range of mods with a focus on magic.


This pack is intended to showcase magical mods, however there are a few tech mods as well - the goal being an attempt to stick with a common theme, as opposed to forcing the player down a specific path. We aren't aiming for a super difficult pack, and intend to have most of the major mechanics of modded minecraft still present, save for mass quarrying.


The theme or style of this pack is a sort of Jules Verne theme, with mods like Immersive Engineering, ViesCraft and Thaumcraft being a big part of the pack.


Will there be mods added?

Possibly. The set of mods are driven by what our server is running, and as new mods release, we may add or remove from the pack. Of particular interest are mods that suit the theme, or addons to the major components of the pack, particularly Thaumcraft. 


What about Recipe Tweaks?

Currently, we will only have tweaks to fix buggy recipes. Customizing gameplay and progression may come in the future.


Can I play on the Server?

Yes. See Contact Info for whitelist information. 


Contact/Server Info

Discord: - Link Join us for both pack development/feedback and server management. Visit #minecraft-whitelist for server whitelist requests, and #minecraft-support for Pack feedback and bug reports.


Twitter: @corvak

Discord: Corvak#4264



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